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Foot Rub (Crescat Boulevard)

Crescat Boulevard, Colpetty

A frills-free foot rub company with branches around the city.

Foot Rub is one of the most convenient, hassle-free massage ventures out here. They've got well- located little booths in busy shopping areas where you'd most need a quick massage - ODEL, Crescat, and the airport. There's also one at the Pearl Grand Hotel  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.


We've generally found their Crescat branch to be the best (and the quietest, especially in comparison to ODEL), so we headed there for a quick foot massage. They're open from 10 AM to 10 PM, which is super convenient as we went there after an early dinner at around 9 PM. 

We opted for the 20 minute Rejuvenation foot massage, which comes to Rs. 1300 (they've raised the price by Rs. 100 in the last year). We've noticed quite a lot of men opt for the seated Shiatsu massage or Indian Head Massage at Rs. 1400 too. They also do express manicures and pedicures using OPI products (Rs. 2350). 

Our usual visits tend to be during the day, so the evening session was quite a change. We've usually had friendly service, but my technician on a Friday evening was quite surly and frankly unenthusiastic, as she had appeared to have been just woken up for the appointment. She took a while to begin, and ended early, so my session took closer to 10 minutes than 20. It was also in general a slipshod job, and she coughed/sneezed on my foot a couple of times (I didn't enjoy that).

Since I've been to this particular Foot Rub some dozen times before and had good experiences, I'm hoping this was a very one-off incident, and put it down to tired staff (it was quite late after all).


The ambience, given how small the space is, is quite well appointed. Soft lighting, great comfortable seating, soothing ambient music and the light scent of the products used. They've also got a cool area in the Crescat lobby, cordoned off by folded paper structure that provides privacy with chic design. 

The Foot Rubs also sell Spice Island products, which I personally love for the delicious scents and high quality.


We're generally fans of the straightforward and relatively cheap treatments at the Foot Rub branches. They're the perfect pass-time at the airport when your flight is delayed or your partner is spending a little too much time shopping at ODEL or Crescat. The service on our last visit wasn't great, but we're hoping it was a fluke. 


Go during the day, we've noticed the service is better.


Crescat Boulevard, Colpetty



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