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Froyo Colombo

65, Carmel Road, Colombo 3

A home-based Froyo spot in the heart of Colombo, serving up a range of frozen yoghurt with some interesting flavours.

Froyo Colombo is a new home-based venture that solely focuses on (yep, you guessed it right!) frozen yoghurt. As far as we can tell, they claim to make this dessert without preservatives, artificial flavourings or sugar and we appreciate it. Health conscious or not, frozen yoghurt is definitely a treat.

How To Order

Froyo Colombo is located on Carmel Road, Collpetty and offers delivery within the city limits.

We called them up to place the order but since we were outside their range and the delivery was on hiatus that day, we had to go there by ourselves to pick them up.

The Froyo 

Their froyo range has a few fruit-based variants and basic flavours like chocolate, coffee and vanilla, as well as a bunch of sugar-free froyo. They are available as single servings (125ml - Rs. 150 each), and 1-litre tubs (Rs. 1000 each). However, the sugar-free range has to be ordered as 500ml and 1-litre tubs - no single servings available. 

Depending on the availability, we chose 5 flavours - pineapple, strawberry, lime, chocolate, and mango. 

The Pineapple Froyo seemed like it was actually made from pineapple, as we could literally see the pieces of pineapple embedded in the dessert. Underneath that dominating pineapple taste, there was a subtle sourness running through. This straight up reminded me of a mix made with pineapple jam and yoghurt.

Strawberry is a complex flavour to pull off and the Strawberry Froyo came forward as a tad too sweet, leaving us with strawberry jam vibes. The sweetness faded as we kept eating, and the strawberry flavour lingered.

Seeing Lime Froyo made everyone get excited, and as expected, a single spoonful of that made us pucker up. It was very limey, and sweet, but not too much, mainly because the lime taste ran amok through our taste buds. Expectations were met with this one and we enjoyed it.

Chocolate is a safe bet when it comes to flavourings and we were more than looking forward to it. While the flavour was indeed just enough chocolatey, the texture was a bit off here. It was too grainy which prevailed all throughout. If not for that, its sweetness and the chocolate flavour were good.

We saw actual bits of mango in the Mango Froyo as well. But the taste of it was a bit unbalanced in comparison to the other fruits flavours. While the mango flavour was there, it leaned towards being sourer than expected.

All of their froyos are made with curd which has many health benefits. Even if you are lactose intolerant, these desserts should not be a problem. 


We didn’t notice anything that we did not like, but they do have room for improvement. The price isn't too expensive either, which is good since most things healthy now can easily empty your wallets. 


65, Carmel Road, Colombo 3


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Between Rs. 200 - Rs. 500

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