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Frozen (MC Foodcourt)

Majestic City Food Court, Bambapapitiya

  • Closed right now

Majestic City's new dessert stall serves up some decent ice cream, along with some other sweet treats at affordable prices.

The MC foodcourt's latest addition whips up images of Elsa letting go, what with their name and frosty imagery their signage conveys. Rather awkwardly placed in the middle of tables, this is the only stall that isn't lining the walls of the court. They have ice creams and a few other non-frozen desserts; and they also have an outlet at Urban Kitchen.

The Food

They've got about four or five ice-cream flavours, a few cupcakes, brownies, and caramelly sweets. Their menu displays a range of sundaes and whatnot, but they haven't actually gotten those yet.

The regular ice-creams are priced at Rs. 250. You get a couple of generous scoops full of it, in a cuppa. We tried the Fudgebrownie, and the Wildberry.

With chunky bits interspersed with rich ice-cream and topped with chocolate sauce, the Fudgebrownie was actually really good. It also lived up to its name of being a fudgy, brownie ice-cream while retaining the qualities of all three components. Well constructed, we really liked this. There was also a slight crunch in it, which went quite well.

The Wildberry was sweet, a bit overpoweringly so, for my liking. It's intensely creamy, and did taste of berries. A bit like sweet strawberry, tbh. Works well for people with a sweet tooth.

Finally, we tried a Caramel Slice for Rs. 150.

To put it nicely, pass over this and stick with the icecream. This wasn't wholly offensive, but it was difficult to eat, given how sticky and hard it was. We were given a little plastic spoon (you can sort of make it out in the background), and it promptly gave up the fight and broke in half as we tried to use it against this. Flavourwise, it had a butterscotch undertone, a bit too thick biscuit base, and a healthy taste of dark chocolate which complemented the dessert.


They'll hopefully have more items from their menu available soon. The ice-creams are good, and they also have your usually toppings — sprinkles, chocolate syrup, Oreos and so on. You get a decent portion for Rs. 250, and it's honestly quite filling.


Try their Fudgebrownie scoops!


Majestic City Food Court, Bambapapitiya


MC's right at the Bambalapitiya Junction. Go down to the basement for icecream. It's kinda opposite the Pizza Hut stall in there.

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Closed right now

Price Range

Between Rs. 200 - Rs. 500

Dish Types

Ice Cream

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User Reviews



the best ice cream and the brownie ever!!!! No place in town to beat your flavors.




the best ice cream and the brownie ever!!!! No place in town to beat your flavors.

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