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Aviraté Café

30 Maitland Crescent, Colombo 7

Tiny little cafe with excellent froyo and plenty sandwiches, juices, smoothies, coffee and tea. Roast paan is on point.

Everyone and their mother always finds out about Colombo's recluse-friendly coffee shops, yet Avirate Cafe has consistently been underrated and underhyped. Their froyo is super good, and they've got a roast paan-nini that would put Panino's to shame. Tucked inside a little room outside the Avirate Store, this humble cafe has pleasant staff and food that's worth your money. We dropped in for lunch.


I'm not big on ice cream, but I love yoghurt, so, frozen yoghurt is often hit or miss. That said, I really enjoyed the fro-yo at Avirate. It's light, milky, and has just the right balance of sweet and tang. Also, the small serving is plenty for one at Rs. 300. 

Though they've only got strawberry and vanilla flavours, they do offer a fro-yo shake if you want a different experience. It's thick, and a sweeter experience than the straight-fro-yo. They add some whipped cream to the top. Served in a tall glass, it's a refreshing option at Rs. 420.

Burger & Nini

We tried out the chicken burger (Rs. 490). It was spicy, as promised, but not overtly so. The patty is smaller than the bun, so it holds together very well. It won't blow you away with flavour, but it's a good burger for the price. 

The best of the lot, though, had to be the Nini. It's a Roast Paan-nini (Rs. 420) that keeps giving. There's plenty of succulent grilled chicken, with mushrooms and a delicious sauce.

The bread was fresh, and the crunch was quite satisfying. There's some bell pepper and onions in there,too. If anything, go for this.

Sweet Treats

If you're in a rush, you could pick up some of the sweets they have for grabs. Apart from Skrumptious brownies, they do their own Milk Toffee (Rs. 120) and Rocky Road (Rs. 230).

This a pretty large chunk of milk toffee, with plenty cashew inside. What we loved was the creamy inside.

It wasn't gooey, but it worked well to contrast the dry, crunchy exterior.

We weren't too happy with the Rocky Road, though. It was tough, difficult to bite into, let alone chew, and just didn't work.


It's a really tiny space, so, it's best for those who'd like some alone time with a book or a friend. You can't fit more than 10 people inside the space. The staff are quite pleasant when taking your order, and let you be until your order is ready. While we were there, they were kind enough to close the blinds, shutting out the harsh sunlight. If you're walking by Independence Square, it's a great option for a snack and a fro-yo treat.


Good for recluse. Get the fro-yo.


30 Maitland Crescent, Colombo 7


It's right opposite Sugar 41.



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Open 7 AM to 9 PM everyday (except public holidays)

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Between Rs. 500 - Rs. 1000

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