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Gamey Gode

Boralesgamuwa Road, Werahera

Rice & curry for affordable rates.

Gamey Gode is a streetside rice & curry-vending shack in Boralesgamuwa. It's not the biggest rice & curry spread in the area, but they sure seem to provide whatever they have with good flavour. 

Rice & Curry

There were about 10 veg sides on the day we visited, along with 4 kinds of protein - chicken, ambul thiyal fish, eggs and fried freshwater fish. You can pick 5 curries to go with your rice, and that includes a meat/seafood of your choice. They also throw in a couple of papadums and fried red chillies on each plate. 

For our Chicken Rice & Curry (Rs. 250), we chose red rice, kirikos, lotus root curry, tempered manioc and mallum

All of the curries were done well. Boasting with a rich milky note, the kirikos was quite tasty, the tempered manioc had a good spicy kick, while the lotus root was slightly crunchy and well curried up with spices and coconut milk.

The chicken curry, however, could use some work. While the gravy itself was peppery and delicious, the same flavour couldn't be tasted in the meat. 

We enjoyed the mallum. It was fresh and had a good amount of onions, scraped coconut and green chillies. 

Gamey Gode does some fine ambul thiyal. It was peppery, salty and sour, at the perfect balance. The rest of the elements in this Ambul Thiyal Rice & Curry (Rs. 250) included the excellent kirikos, lotus root curry, and a wonderfully tangy amberella curry, as well as tempered potatoes, which featured a sprinkle of chilli flakes. 

Ambience & Service

Gamey Gode maintains a neat, hygienic ambience, even as a streetside kadey. There are wooden tables and chairs, decorated with artificial flower pots and green plate mats. You can simply get your food sorted from a counter, sit down, eat it and then pay the bill as you leave.

The staff was comprised of just two members, and they were quite fast with the preparation of our order. 


Gamey Gode doesn't offer extraordinary rice & curry, but they meet the expectations for the price you pay for it. 


Boralesgamuwa Road, Werahera


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Open until 09:00 PM


Sri Lankan

Price Range

Between Rs. 200 - Rs. 500

Dish Types

Rice And Curry

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