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Gami Gedara Ur Zest (Colombo Good Market)

Race Course Ground, Reid Avenue, Colombo 7

A stall in Colombo Good Market that does some healthy juices in the most delicious way.

Accentuated on the concept of healthy living, Gami Gedara Ur Zest brews a bunch of interesting drinks. You can grab them every Saturday from their stall in Colombo Good Market


All of these juices stay between the price range of Rs. 250 - 450, and you can even customise them according to your flavour preference. If drinks are not what you're looking for, you can try their hoppers too.

We ordered the Naarang Mint, Watermelon Juice and the Passion Fruit with Thambili Wathura (king coconut water - yep! that's right!). 

*Pictured above - Naarang Mint (left), Watermelon Juice (middle), and Passion Fruit - Thambili Wathura (right)
  • The Naarang Mint is the biggest seller here, and one sip from that made us realise why. Ice cold, absolutely refreshing, and boasting rich notes of naarang, this one had a very little to no sugar - to the point that we didn't mind the sourness at all. The chopped mint leaves worked it magic with the aromatic, leafy odour, while handling the sharp citrusy goodness very well. A plate of rice from Jeewa's and a glass of this would be the best combo you can hope for. 
  • The Watermelon Juice was not bad, but we'd prefer if there was a bit more watermelon-y flavour to it. Still, it was refreshing and not too shabby when it comes to beating the Colombo's heat. 
  • The Passion Fruit - Thambili Wathura is something that Gami Gedara Ur Zest happily crafted up for us. Replacing the water counterpart of the normal passion fruit juice with king coconut water, this one felt lighter than its normal kind. With bits and seeds of passion fruit enrichening the whole brew, this one was a well-balanced, sweet and sour bliss. 


It's one of those stalls in Colombo Good Market that get swamped with customers at all times. Therefore, you might have to stand in a line for a bit until you get to place the order. However, amidst all that busyness, their team is quite friendly and helpful. 


The term "healthy drinks" reminds us of glassful of things that are green (and kinda boring), but Gami Gedara Ur Zest sure knows how to make them irresistible. Their drinks are healthy as promised and delicious as they can be. Drop by this place if you happen to find yourself thirsty at Colombo Good Market next Saturday. 


Race Course Ground, Reid Avenue, Colombo 7



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Price Range

Between Rs. 200 - Rs. 500

Dish Types

Fruit Juice Hoppers Smoothies

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