Gi-Gi Flavours

No. 6-A 10th Ln, Colombo 03

Gi-Gi Flavours is an affordable option for some fine Sri Lankanised Chinese food in Colombo.

We like Gi-Gi Flavours - they serve big portions of flavourful Chinese fare with a local touch, for unbelievably affordable prices. It's a part of the GiGi Colombo city hotel in Kollupitiya.

Food & Drinks

The menu is comprised of chicken, beef and seafood-based dishes, and a range of milkshakes, juices and mojito on the drinks side. 

To start off, we got ourselves a portion of Prawn Crackers (Rs. 200). Crispy and light, these are store-bought crackers. 

We ordered a Seafood Fried Rice, but received a Nasi goreng. Still, for just Rs. 700, it's a damn good deal. With a heap of seafood to boot, the rice had a beautiful orange hue that indicates the presence of sauces and spices.

Adorned with a fried egg, and bits of spring onions and carrots in the mix, this medium-size serving is easily sharable by 2/3 fully grown adults.

The Devilled Chicken (Rs. 550 for Medium) followed suit. Sweet and spicy at the right balance, the thick, glossy gravy featured an assortment of onions, green chillies, capsicum, tomato and of course, crispy fried chicken. 

This Beef with Mushroom & Cashew (Rs. 650 for Medium) was quite good too. You get a generous amount of beef here, tossed in with carrot, beans, onions, mushroom and cashews. The beef itself was a little tough but well seasoned, and not gristly at all. 

The Orange Juice (Rs. 300) was a bit watered down, but had a refreshing quality, all thanks to the handful of ice cubes floating about.

Ambience & Service

Gi-Gi has a massive dining space, but we didn't spot a lot of diners. It was just a couple of us, and one more person who finished his meal and left as we entered the restaurant. There was only one staff member in sight, who hovered around at a distance, so it's not exactly easy to get his attention. 


It's probably the most budget-friendly, local-style Chinese food resto in the city. Our bill was only Rs. 2400, and there was enough food left on the plates for one more person. We highly recommend!