Ginza On The Edge (Waters Edge)

316, Ethul Kotte Road, Battaramulla

Ginza On The Edge is the suburban successor to the Hilton’s Ginza Hohsen. It's on the 1st floor of Waters Edge and offers high-end Japanese with excellent service to boot.

Ginza On The Edge is the suburban successor to the Hilton’s infamous Ginza Hohsen, which has now been converted into a conference room. The restaurant seems to be in the middle of an identity crisis right now because the sign outside says “Ginza On The Edge” while the chopstick covers say “Hohsen”. We’ll just continue calling it Ginza.

The new Ginza is on the 2nd floor of the stylish new Water’s Edge (hence the “On The Edge”), overlooking the green and the seaplane runway on the Diyawanna Oya. When you enter Water’s Edge from the main entrance, walk up the stairs, turn right and take another set of stairs or turn left and take the lift.



Ginza is a high-end Japanese restaurant, competing with the likes of Nihonbashi and YUMI so expect high prices. The menu is a little disorderly with the à la carte and dessert options both out of their usual spots. Regardless, the menu is quite extensive with probably every single Japanese food item you could think of. Even the ice cream is written as aisukurimu (Say it as if you’re speaking Japanese). Points for authenticity right there.

For starters, the gyoza (dumplings) for Rs. 675 is good if you want to start hot. On the cooler side of things the usual sushi is always a good option. The 6 pieces of Kappa Maki (cucumber sushi) for Rs. 410 is pretty standard, served with wasabi and Japanese ginger so you can’t go wrong there.

Moving on to the pricier sushi, the Dynamite Maki is unique to Ginza and is a must-eat. This maki is filled with spicy tuna and topped off with vibrant orange flying fish eggs that make the dish look great. For Rs. 1140, you get served 6 large rolls. The Ebifurai Maki (fried prawn) is a more expensive option at Rs. 1460 but is an excellent dish. The large rolls make for a generous serving and the filling just melts in your mouth. Both dishes are highly recommended.

Ginza gets their sashimi right too. The shiromi sashimi (white raw fish) at Rs. 1320 was served fresh and cold, along with thin-cut pieces of lime for an extra kick with each piece of fish.

Dynamite Maki

Onto the mains, one portion of Garlic Rice at Rs. 720 is enough for two but was a tad bit too garlicky in my opinion. The zaru soba (cold buckwheat noodles)at Rs. 945 is somewhat pricey for a mediocre dish that loses points for authenticity. Instead of serving the noodles on a bamboo tray or zaru as its name dictates, the dish was served on a bento-style tray with separate sections for the noodles, the tsuyu (dipping sauce) and the leeks that go inside it. The tsuyu was placed in a cupholder which actually proved to be quite useful. Zaru soba has a very plain and simple flavor, so I wouldn’t recommend it for the palates of people who want that multi-layered taste experience you get from a donburi or ramen.

Every table also comes with authentic ceramic tableware that hold the shoyu (soy sauce) and shichimi, a Japanese condiment made from seven spices.


The service at Ginza is excellent. The staff is attentive and helpful, taking orders quickly with ease and serving them to your table just as fast. We had asked for some teriyaki sauce on the side and even though it wasn’t served with any of the dishes we ordered, they gladly served us a bowl in an instant. They’ve also got a cool gadget on each table with buttons to call the waiter, order some water and ask for the bill. When you enter, they greet you with a hearty irashaimase! (welcome!), and when you leave, with an appreciative arigatogozaimasu (thank you very much). More points for authenticity.

I’d say the quality of the staff extends right through Water’s Edge. The concierge at the reception was both friendly and helpful in guiding us to the restaurant. When we got off at the 2nd floor, another staff member greeted us and even recommended the all-new Mediterranean Buffet in case we change our mind.


The setting is presented well, vying to be as authentic as possible. You can tell with the Japanese music playing. All the furniture is wooden, giving it the character of a Japanese restaurant, but the backrests on the chairs are quite narrow and as a result, a little uncomfortable. The cold napkins served as soon as you sit down are refreshing, but quite rough on the skin and the table napkins are way too stiff, possibly due to an excess amount of starch used in the wash, but they do their job nevertheless. Ginza attracts a diverse crowd though, ranging from families to couples to business partners, etc. The place was quite busy on a weekend night.

Ginza On The Edge

They also have a seating area at the back where you remove your shoes and sit in a separate area from the main restaurant. The only thing missing there is the traditional tatamimat flooring. But the dedicated sushi/sashimi bar, outdoor teppanyaki counters and yakitori bar (coming soon), makes up for the loss in authenticity over there. You can also choose to sit at a small bar near the lounge area that you enter as soon as you exit the lift.

Value for Money and Conclusion

High-end restaurants come with high-end prices, so value for money is a tough call. Anyone who’s been to the old Ginza at Hilton would know. It’s expensive, no doubt. But I’d say for the quality of food you’re getting, it’s a nice place to treat yourself in groups, but only every once in a while. There are cheaper options for Japanese cuisine around Colombo, but if you’re still looking for an upmarket Japanese restaurant other than Nihonbashi and you’re willing to drive into the suburbs, Ginza is definitely worth a visit.


If you want to try something interesting go for their signature makis.


316, Ethul Kotte Road, Battaramulla


Come towards Battaramulla on Rajagiriya Road, turn left after the Diyatha Uyana to the Waters Edge Entrance. Walk in up the main stairs and before entering the lobby, turn right, towards the wooden staircase. Ginza is up these stairs, at the end of a long carpet corridor.


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