Ginza On The Edge (Waters Edge)

316, Ethul Kotte Road, Battaramulla

Ginza On The Edge is the suburban successor to the Hilton’s Ginza Hohsen. It's on the 1st floor of Waters Edge and offers high-end Japanese with excellent service to boot.

Ginza on the Edge is the suburban successor of Hilton's old Ginza Hohsen, which is no more. These guys make great Japanese food, and they get points for ambience at Waters Edge too. Note, however, that it ain't cheap. 

The Food

Our eyes widened in horror at the prices on the menu - just individual dishes of sushi, dumplings, sashimi, anything, costs about Rs. 1600 minimum. So it's best that you get a bento box or teishoku ('meal set') instead, which includes a combo of things. There are plenty of options to pick from, and you get a great portion of everything. The bentos are still for around Rs. 2600 - 3000, still easier on the wallet than ordering individually.

The mixed grilled teishoku is superb, if you like your meats and you want something heavier than your average Japanese lunch. I couldn't find a single fault with it: it comes with beef, chicken, prawns, seer fish, mushrooms, potato, rice, salads and miso soup. The beef was wonderfully tender, the chicken had been tossed in a very special, slightly spicy sauce, even the miso soup which is rarely made more than watery at other establishments was well flavoured here. We were very happy with this all around. 

Of course the test of a good Japanese place is its fresh fish. So our hosen bento included sliced tuna sashimi, white fish and cuttlefish (about six pieces), tempura prawns, vegetables, grilled seer fish, rice and soup. The raw fish was extremely fresh and cooling, we wished there had been more, and the seer fish especially was killer, tossed in some lovely tangy, flavoured sauce, might have been teriyaki. This combo cost Rs. 2660.

Japanese places in Colombo aren't so big on desserts, but Ginza has one or two good options. We went for the mochi ('Azuki with Shirayama') which is three small, doughy dumplings on a bed of red beans. I'm not a fan of the red beans, just tastes like sweet grams, but the mochi is a lot of fun to eat - extremely sticky and squishy, with a subtle sweetness to it. 

Service & Ambience

Ginza is at the Waters Edge, so if you sit by the windows you're surrounded by their massive golf-course-like park outside, which is nice.

The restaurant itself is quite nice - all wood and windows, with a bit of Japanese decor here and there. It's a calm, clean space, very good for business meetings. Service was good during our visit, and the waiter was happy to help us make the right order.


Ginza on the Edge is great at preparing Japanese food and they have an impressive selection. It ain't cheap - the damage for two of us was Rs. 7,700 (20% discount for Commercial Bank card holders), for just two combo meals and one dessert - but if you know what you're getting into it's tasty food. 


If you want to try something interesting go for their signature makis.


316, Ethul Kotte Road, Battaramulla


Come towards Battaramulla on Rajagiriya Road, turn left after the Diyatha Uyana to the Waters Edge Entrance. Walk in up the main stairs and before entering the lobby, turn right, towards the wooden staircase. Ginza is up these stairs, at the end of a long carpet corridor.


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