35, 2nd Lane, Koswatta, Nawala.

If you are a charity in need of funding, go to Give2Lanka.

Are you a corporate organisation in need of a place to give and support? Does your company have a CSR arm and you are wondering how best to help needy communities? Are you an individual searching for a reliable cause to give your support? Get in touch with Give2Lanka.

If you are are looking for a deserving charity to partner with to carry out your corporate social responsbility with, you can contact Give2Lanka. Give2Lanka has professionals with over 30 years experience in the sector. 

Give2SriLanka has sturdy plans to support many causes across multiple sectors where its objectives are twofold:

1. Provides a strong platform for other institutions to raise funds for deserving causes.

2. Nurtures the practice of giving amongst Sri Lankans to provide greater opportunities to the poor in Sri Lanka.

Give2Lanka is a company which started in March to help fund deserving causes that address various issues in Sri Lankan. Apart from helping other charities and non profits, Give2Lanka also supports the following 9 projects. 

  1. Sevanatha, to provide rehabilitation for those affected by the floods.
  2. Palm East to Provide water for residents in Batticaloa. 
  3. Palm Foundation to provide cots to those who use cloth hammocks for their infants.
  4. Berendina to provide education and employment
  5. Helpage to provide home gardening for elders
  6. HUDEC to provide bicycles to 30 school going children of war widows liviing in Jaffna
  7. Samurdi to provide medical assistance to a sixteen year old
  8. MFCD to help a widow build her house
  9. PEACE to provide counselling to children and families affected by abuse.

They work closely and comprehensively in the above mentioned causes. If you would like to partner with Give2Lanka as your organisation's CSR project, you can. They could assist you or your organization to implement a cause that meets the objectives of your organisation and Give2Lanka's.

To find out more about the extensive work Give2Lanka are involved in, visit their website. To donate to their projects, contact:

35,2nd lane, Koswatta, Nawala, Sri lanka.
Email: dulan@give2lanka.org
Tel : 773 508 664, 710 777 662.

(All images courtesy Give2Lanka website)


35, 2nd Lane, Koswatta, Nawala.