Gloria Jean's Coffees

No. 31, Horton Place, Colombo 7Colombo

(Reopened) Gloria Jean's has made a comeback despite the scandals surrounding their local franchises. They're at Horton Place now where the old Barista used to be, a few steps across the road from Coffee Bean right next to the W Lounge.

This outlet is now closed.

Gloria Jean's is the latest coffee franchise to hit Colombo (after Barista, Coffee Bean, Cioconat, etc). It's in its soft opening phase now. It's an average franchise - good location, expensive coffee and food, average taste. If you want quirky quality the Cup Cafe around the street is better, but for a meeting or gathering, it's a central spot.

The Food/Drinks

Chocolate Macadamia iced coffee Chocolate Macadamia iced coffee

We tried cold drinks cause it was very hot out - the Creme Brulee (Rs. 540) and Chocolate Macademia (Rs. 480), both essentially iced coffee with syrups. As you can see, they were rather expensive. Taste-wise they were fine, but quite sweet.

Chef's Special Chicken Chef's Special Chicken

Food wise they have a limited menu (which is good), but it's rather basic. Seems like a kids menu, almost. We tried the chef's special chicken sandwich (Rs. 650) and the smoked chicken sandwich (Rs. 650). Both came with a few potato chips and some chili mayo. They were OK, decent bread (mini-baguette and ciabatta, respectively) and fine ingredients. The chef's special had a lot of melted cheese and was warm, which is nice. The smoked chicken was rather bland.

Nothing wrong with the food, but you are getting a pretty basic sandwich for a rather high price.


Gloria Jean's Counter

We were the only people there so there were like 5 people to serve us. They were quite nice and, since it's a soft opening, obviously trying to learn, which is good. The person taking our order didn't quite know the menu but the person behind her did.


Gloria Jean's Interior Furniture

Gloria Jean's is next to the Baskin Robbins on Union Place. It's near the Dialog head office and HSBC, Union Motors, etc, so they should have a good supply of office workers. They have ample parking around back (big plus), but - since Union Place has a traffic divider - you have to be heading up (towards ODEL) to turn in.

The space inside is big and airy enough. They have comfy furniture but it's not especially high quality. A weird mix of pleather and fabric. The overall color palette is brown. The furniture is arranged in a way conducive to hanging out with groups, so it's not a bad place to chill. As a plus point, they have plug points on the floor and enough semi-isolated space that it's a good spot to work.


Gloria Jean's is an expensive and basic franchised coffee shop on Union Place. It has parking and hang out space so it's a good place for meeting up. In terms of the food and drink, it's standard over-priced coffee shop fare.


Try the Irish Nut Creme. Also cakes are good for sharing.


No. 31, Horton Place, Colombo 7Colombo


It's at Horton Place across the road from Coffee Bean, next to the W Lounge where the old Barista used to be.


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This place has closed down



Price Range

Between Rs. 500 - Rs. 1000

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Burgers Coffee Iced Coffee

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