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Go Eats

No. 25/8, Walawwatta Road, Nugegoda

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It was yet another weekday - a bunch of YAMUites were craving rice and curry. None of us really wanted to go out, therefore, we decided to pick ourselves some food from GoEats, one of the cloud kitchens available on PickMe Food. 

GoEats doesn't have an actual outlet that you can buy food from, but, they are based in Nugegoda. Anyway, you don’t need to worry about the exact location as you can get your order delivered to your doorstep with just a few taps on the PickMe app.  

Rice & Curry

They have a list of items for lunch, breakfast and dinner, as well as snacks and drinks - enough to cover your whole day. We ordered three lunch packets and were happy to see that serving sizes are quite generous and everything properly wrapped.

The Nasi Goreng Basmati (Rs. 470) had a distinct appetizing smell and looked good too. Including plenty of well cooked, well-seasoned cuttlefish, chicken, and pieces of sausages to go with every bite, and a fried egg on top, it was a satisfying plate of buth. And of course, there was a podi slice of pineapple, which disappeared very, very quickly. All of these were nicely added to the rice, which was not over or underdone and had just the right amount of spices and flavour coming through. However, we'd prefer it was a bit less oily than this. 

The Beef Rice & Curry (Rs. 300) was your run of the mill lunch packet, nothing stood out, but quite alright. The rice was cooked well, and the popular Lankan staple - parippu was cooked right but not enough in terms of portion size. Leeks curry was okay, but could have been better with a bit more spices in it.

The highlight of the plate was the polos curry. Packed with curry flavour, its pieces were cooked adequately, and not mushy at all. But the main part of the beef rice, the beef was merely passable. There were around four tiny pieces of beef, wrapped in a curry-like seasoning, but not enough. 

The Chicken Rice & Curry (Rs. 220) followed the exact parade as the beef rice and curry since it’s the same inoffensively flat flavoured rice and the same curries. All the curries, and rice were cooked well, but, it’s as if they all refused to actually show up to the show and even when they did they just performed “meh”. The chicken curry was quite bland, and did not have enough spices to save grace. This plate of rice wasn't all bad, but could have done so much better with some flavours infused, especially for the price we pay for it. 


While there's room for improvement, you can try them out if you are not feeling like going out for a meal or is in a hurry and just wanting something to fill you up.

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