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Gonuts With Donuts

454/2/1 Kaduwela Road, Battaramulla

When Gonuts with Donuts started off they were all the craze. Now many years down the line, the hype has died down, their prices have gone up, but they're still pretty decent.

*Relocated to Battaramulla.

For over a decade, Gonuts With Donuts has been a go-to spot for many Colombars to satisfy their doughnut cravings. They started off with a huge buzz, and like most of the things in the world, time has taken an effect on them - the hype is down now, prices are slightly up, but still it's the only doughnut dedicated spot in Colombo. 

Seems like Gonuts With Donuts is back to basics now. They've got only eight doughnuts divided into premium and regular categories, but no candy doughnuts, savory doughnuts or Chibos (hot dogs made of doughnut bread with different fillings) anymore. Steering away from those three is a wise choice really, because none of them were good enough to make a quality impression. 

The Doughnuts

The premium doughnuts are priced at Rs. 185, while the regular ones are Rs. 175 each. We ordered an assortment box of six - three doughnuts from each category. 

The packaging hasn't changed at all - it's still the same cardboard box from four years ago, red, yellow and brown doughnut-like pictures on a white background. 

*Pictured above - Butterscotch (regular), Black Forest (premium) and Sugar (regular)

I know I should have thought this through before taking the pictures - to arrange these six doughnuts on separate plates based on their category, but sadly I didn't realize it until now. So under the pictures, I have mentioned the category that each doughnut comes from. 

So the base of every doughnut is the same - a sweet bun with a slightly crispy exterior, and a soft, puffy middle. If I had to pick a favorite out of this lot, I'd say it's the Butterscotch doughnut, because it was basically an explosion of butterscotch flavor, while the bits of crispy caramel on top added a nutty boost.  

Topped with a layer of whipped cream, and garnished with bits of cherry and chocolate shavings, the Black Forest doughnut was alright, but kinda too sweet for our liking. It also had a slathering of chocolate cream filling in the middle, to help with the whole 'black forest' title.

 The Sugar doughnut was not bad, but would have been better if it was garnished with sugar, instead of icing sugar. 

*Pictured above - Choconut (premium), Chocolate Surprise (premium), & Glazed (regular)

Aside from the Glazed doughnut, which is basically a doughnut topped off with a lapyer of icing and sprinkles, we liked the other two - Choconut and Chocolate Surprise. 

The chocolate surprise was well stuffed with a surprising amount of lava-like melted chocolate that burst with flavors with each bite, while the choconut had a generous layer of chocolate and plenty of peanuts to go around. In terms of flavor, these two have lived up to their names as long as I can remember, but back then, they were bigger and fluffier. 


The drive-through restaurant down Kynsey road is the only place that you can grab these doughnuts, plus they deliver. We used the takeout option this time, and it took like 5 minutes for them to place the doughnuts neatly into a box. 


Gonuts with Donuts is not half bad, because they do some pretty good doughnuts for a decent fare. We should be thankful that they exist, because even after all this time they're still a reliable choice in comparison to cake-like, rock-hard doughnuts that you can get from certain homebakers/bakeries. 


We've heard good things about their sugar drops and marshmallows.


454/2/1 Kaduwela Road, Battaramulla


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