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Good Market (Racecourse)

Race Course Ground, Reid Avenue, Colombo 7

A curated and ethical Saturday market focusing on local and sustainable products and produce

The Good Market is possibly one of the coolest initiatives the city's seen in the last few years. It's a collective and curated market consisting of stalls that set up every Saturday in the Racecourse Complex parking lot. It's impossible to miss, you'll notice a lovely big tree, and heaps of little green-topped stalls and people milling about.

It's far more than just a market or a place to pick up some nibbles, it's also a great meeting place and way to catch some al fresco entertainment and see what's new in the city. It's also very family friendly, so feel free to bring your toddler or your pet along.

You'll find heaps of cool ventures, all of which are sustainable, local, and socially conscious. What this basically means is that you'll be generally be supporting local communities, charity ventures, or non-profits with your purchases and patronage.

The clothing includes small startups like LOVI sarongs, as well as heaps of linen, handloom cotton and other small homespun brands. 

There are also lots of food stalls too, such as Jeewa's, Sozo and more. A whole heap of former Good Marketers are now successful restaurants like Butter Boutique, Cafe Kumbuk, and Far East. 

Apart from clothing and edibles, you'll also be able to find lots of organic products, groceries, and hand-made trinkets and toys. There's even a great massage corner called Thusare Talking Hands conducted by visually-impaired therapists that we totally recommend. 

On most Saturdays the Good Market plays hosts to some sort of entertainment, whether acoustic music, dance, theatre or spoken word poetry. If you're not able to make it on a Saturday, you can try their Good Market Shop right across the road in the Lakpahana building. You could also try their Galle version, which we loved. 

Want to get involved? There are opportunities for organic farmers, non-profits, social enterprises, responsible businesses, volunteers, part-time positions, photographers, musicians, poets, performers, educators and anyone who cares about the environment, community, and health. For more information, visit or contact 0770208642. 


Go early if you're serious about buying, go later if you're serious about people-watching.


Race Course Ground, Reid Avenue, Colombo 7


The Good Market is held in the Racecourse car park, just near that lovely big tree.


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