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Gourmet CBP

78/5 Wickramasinghapura Road,Battaramulla

Gourmet CBP specializes in rich and decadent variations of the classic chocolate biscuit pudding.

Gourmet CBP, after a short break, is up and running once again! We were quite excited to check them out, because the last time we did (which was around 3 years ago), they were absolutely smashing.

They've got the Jumbo Single, just enough for a single person to satisfy their craving, and a 6 pack (wouldn't all of us like one of those) and a 10-12 pack. Aside from that, they do an exciting liqueur-infused range too. 

This time around they were no different, if not better.

How to Order

They mainly operate through Facebook. You can either pick up your orders or get them delivered to your doorstep, depending on where you live. 

They're quite friendly, and although their usual delivery MOQ for Jumbo Singles is 5, they made an exception because they had another order also being sent to Colombo at the same time. 


We opted for the Original CBP (Rs. 300), the Mint Choc-Chip (Rs. 350) and the Rocky Road (Rs. 350). 

The Original CBP, the surface of chocolate studded with a handful of chocolate chips, was exemplary. The texture was perfect and was consistent through all three CBPs, the layers of Marie biscuit not too soggy or firm. The chocolatey flavour too had been perfectly encapsulated through this Original CBP.

The Mint Choc-Chip also ranked amongst our favourites. The Minty flavour was not too strong that it would make people complain that having minty flavoured CBPs always reminded them of toothpaste, but this was just sublime. Infused in just the right dose, along with a hefty serving of chunky chips of chocolate, it's sublime. 

A nutty flavour consistent throughout the Rocky Road CBP, the marshmallows infused into the layers of Marie biscuits really did the trick for us. If you're not a fan of the nutty flavour though, this isn't your cup of CBP. In that case, we have to add that you'll be missing out on a lot. 


The quality of all three flavours of CBP was quite brilliant and consistent. A number of good solid years in the game, Gourmet CBP certainly knows how to establish a brand and maintain their standards. They're not overpriced either, and the portions are solid. We highly recommend, again! 


Order the Original CBP


78/5 Wickramasinghapura Road,Battaramulla



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