Grand Slam By Mitsi

Sir Marcus Fernando Road, Colombo 07

Grand Slam By Mitsi is an extension to the ever so popular Mitsi's Delicacies.

Started off as a home-based catering business, Mitsi's has come a very long way. Their newest restaurant, Grand Slam By Mitsi is dedicated to crafting up some brilliant Italian delicacies. 

Food & Drinks

It's mainly pizza and pasta, but they also do varieties of sandwiches and burgers. You can also grab a glass of beer, coffee, fruit juices, or mojitos to wash them down. 

Like any pizza place, they offer the choice of ordering two toppings side-by-side, and the most expensive option out of the two is your price point. Ours was comprised of Beef Pepperoni (Rs. 1700) and Lamb Sausages (Rs. 1800). 

With a beautiful crunch and just the right touch from the clay oven, the crust here was delightful and capable of holding up all the elements on it. What's on top of that was the mildly spicy tomato sauce, followed by a super generous layer of mozzarella embedded with a sprinkle of green chilis, which really helped to spice things up.

They're not stringy with meats - both sides featured plenty of them. However, our favourite was the Lamb Sausages, which you can see on your right side. Well cooked, and adequately seasoned, these chunks of Lamb Sausages were an unadulterated bacony of meaty goodness. 

The Beef Pepperoni half was good too, but, to our surprise, the pepperoni they've added looked and tasted like beef sausages. But hey, we're not complaining. Deliciously chewy, they were infused with just the right amount of spices. Aside from that, this pie also featured a few bits of black olives, which made for the extra flavour. 
Clocking in at Rs. 1100, the Penne Carbonara was superb, even though we didn't spot any bacon in it. However, we really liked that they went with pieces of chicken and mushroom, instead of chicken bacon, which is a substitute that most restaurants use when they avoid pork products. 

Cooked al dente, it was one cheesy tangle of pasta immersed in cream and parmesan. We liked it.

We ordered a Passion Fruit Mojito, but what we received is a regular one featuring pieces of lime, mint leaves and ice cubes. Nonetheless, it was good. Priced at Rs. 550, it was refreshing, absolutely limey and minty. But mind you, it doesn't have any sugar in it. 

Ambience & Service

Residing inside the premises of Sri Lanka Tennis Association, Grand Slam by Mitsi has both indoor and outdoor seating facilities. It's not airconditioned, but the ceiling fans help to cool down the place. With artificial and natural vines climbing the walls, it has a teeny tiny earthy vibe going on, which we liked. 

Majority of their customers are tennis players. It was lunchtime on a Saturday and there were a lot of them. Which is probably why the service wasn't the best we've experienced. We had to stand in front of a counter for like 10 minutes, before a staff member could make eye contact with us and take the order. And then, there was the confusion of the Carbonara, which they sent to the wrong table, and how we received a Mojito, minus the passion fruit we wanted in it. 

Anyway, they apologised a few times for all the hassle, which we appreciate and frankly, the food made up for it. 


Despite the downers in the service, we quite liked our experience at Grand Slam By Mitsi. Their take on Italian fare is pretty good, and we definitely recommend you try them out.