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Grand Solis

533, Nawala Road, Nawala

A bar and restaurant that's great for its ambiance if you live in Nawala.

Grand Solis is a neat restaurant and bar in Nawala that was kept secret by a friend of ours until recently. We're quite glad to add this to our list of spots to grab a drink, because the vibe is just really good for Nawala. The drinks aren't ridiculously pricey and the food is decent. Not too many people know about this place, so it's unlikely that you'd run into anyone. We went by for drinks one night and grabbed a few bites while we were at it.

Ambiance & Service

What's striking about this place is the look. They've got cement cut furniture with wooden inlays and a massive pond. By night it's quite beautiful and the lights outside aren't too bright so it feels like you've got your privacy. 

Meanwhile indoors it's well lit and there's enough room for a sizeable crowd. They seem to cater to family dinners, but there's also lots of men who seem to gather there after a work to put a drink. The staff are generally not to be seen, emerging only to take your order and bring it to your table. They seem nice enough, though.


The Hot Butter Cuttlefish at Grand Solis is pretty close to the one from Barracuda. It's super crisp, and has a good savoury kick. For Rs 700, you get a fair amount. It tends to disappear real fast because it's super tasty.

If you're looking to get stuffed, you can try the pork kottu. It's quite peppery and has a few fatty bits of pork in there. For Rs 1000, it seems like a rip-off but there's enough kottu here to feed four or five fully grown human beings. Unfortunately, there isn't enough pork in there to really be satisfied.


If you're looking for a different spot to chill with your friends over a few drinks or even a bottle, consider Grand Solis. It's ideal if you live around Nawala, as it's way, way less crowded than Machang and similar places. The food isn't spectacular but it's good enough for bites. A Lion Lager is Rs 325, and a bottle of arrack goes at about Rs 2000.

Ed Note: You may have noticed the Grand Solis from the outside because it's got a lot of white marble and gold, and looks like a casino. It's surprisingly more tasteful on the inside. They also have a bar downstairs on the road called the Solis Restaurant, which is a little dingier but shows the match of the day. Once you enter the Grand Solis, take the stairs right to the top for an al fresco rooftop chill and aerial view of the Koswatta junction.


Try Solis Special.


533, Nawala Road, Nawala


It's right on Nawala Road at the Koswatte junction. If you're coming from Rajagiriya it's to your right, otherwise it's to your left. Its white facade is reminiscent of a casino.


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