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Grill & Chill

46c Hospital Rd, Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia

A place specialised in grilled food.

Grill & Chill is a relative newcomer to the Kalubovila area, and as their name suggests they offer a few grilled food options with a place to chill.

Food & Drink

They have an extensive menu comprised of a multitude of dishes like pizza, naan etc., and dishes with Mexican, Arabic spin to them. But as the name points out, they have grilled food, so naturally, we were excited.

First, we got ourselves a Chicken Biriyani (Rs. 550) - a hearty bowl of well-cooked rice served with a huge roast chicken leg and a boiled egg. The colour of the rice popped out with a pleasing aroma of the added spices, but it was a bit oily and sticky than we prefered. Even though it was seasoned, the flavours were on the mellow side.

There was a bit of an aftertaste which comes from coriander (we presume) which we didn’t enjoy much. The chicken was adequately marinated, cooked through to the bone and nicely fell apart. They offer raita and mint chutney which contribute to the extra flavour. Even though we didn’t get a whole lot of spices here to satisfy our tastebuds, we enjoyed it nevertheless.

We also tried a couple of dishes off their grilled food section.

The Tandoori Quater (Rs. 380) had a good charred flavour that presented a delicious smoky taste. It was grilled well, the flesh came off without any effort and had a little bit less firm texture than what we anticipated. While it was well marinated, make use of the lime they offer with it to make it tangier, or a slice of fresh cucumber or a sprinkle of pepper, if you want it to be on the spicy side.

We also got a Beef Kebab (Rs. 600) that was essentially 4 pieces of kofta-style kebab. While the absence of the stick in the middle kinda made us feel like we are missing something, its flavour was on point. While infused with a cocktail of spices, it was grilled to perfection, which produced a slightly crispy exterior. 

We ordered an Orange Juice (Rs. 200) too, which was very citrusy and had the right kind of sweetness drawn by the fruit itself. It was all juice, without any pulp and was refreshing.

Service & Ambience

When we walked in it was around four in the afternoon, and the place wasn't occupied much. Anyway, the staff was prompt, attentive and had accommodative at all times.

They have plenty of space and quite comfortable seating for around twenty people. Being air-conditioned well and a bit away from the street makes you feel cosy enough to enjoy your food in peace.


While there are things they can tweak here and there, this is a place we enjoyed and hope you would too. They are an easy recommend for the clean, well-kept, spacious interior and good service for your dining needs if you are in the area.

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