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H. Brother's Broasted Chicken

163, Ven Baddegama Wimalawansa Mawatha, Colombo 10

A local resto, that serves up fried chicken and other greasy fast food-focused dishes for you to choose from.

Broasting is a method of cooking in a pressure fryer and H. Brother’s Broasted Chicken, as the name implies, is a resto that does exactly that. It's a spot right on the Deans Road in Maradana that offers a variety of fast food options that more or less allow you to pig out to your heart's content. 


While their highlight is broasted chicken they are not limited to that. You can get grilled lamb chops, subs/ burgers, and pizzas as well. 

One of the eye-catching options on their spread is the Quarter BBQ Chicken (Rs. 650) that came with a chicken breast decored with onion and parsley, and accompanied with pita bread, garlic dip, chopped veggies, raita, pickled veggies, and a side of french fries. 

The chicken had an appealing reddish hue to it and was grilled to have a thin, slightly crunchy exterior. It was unevenly overburnt in some places and producing a bitter flavour. There was a bit of tang there, a bit of sweetness here and a bit of saltiness elsewhere but not much chicken flavour in the meat to speak of. On top of that, the chicken felt a bit dry, not smokey at all, and overall the flavours weren’t really working together.

On the other hand, the pita bread came across as stale. We weren’t fans of that overwhelmingly tangy pickled veggies, but the cooked veggie salad seemed okay but would have been better if it had more pineapple in it. The raita didn’t contribute anything significant to the flavours but the fries were quite alright with a decent dusting of chilli and potato flavour coming with it.

All of this equalled to a pretty underwhelming dish, but given the price this comes at, if they can make this necessary tweaks to the flavours, we think it can be a winner. You can forego the fries and pita and get a portion of rice if you prefer. 

The Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich (Rs. 650) had a generous filling made with juicy, slightly chewy pieces of beef to cover the whole sandwich while lettuce, and onions adding the crunch. It also featured a sweet sauce, mayo and a hint of pepper, but not much cheesy flavour as we expected. Sadly, we didn’t like the bread, as it was quite airy and felt dry.

We couldn't ignore their fried chicken, so we decided on two pieces of Chicken wings (Rs. 450) with a Galic Dip (Rs. 150). The garlic dip had very little garlic flavour and felt more like thickened up mayo with a tinge of garlicky heat at the end. 

The batter of the chicken leaned on the thicker side. It was quite crunchy but didn't have anything else other than the oily, fried flour flavour. The only seasoning it had was the spiciness that came from the random dusting of chilli. However, the chicken was cooked all the way through, seemed fresh and packed a good amount of chickeny flavours.

Ambience & Service 

You order at the counter and you get your food to your table without much delay and we had no issues here.  

There was enough seating to hold about 16 people or more and the seating was arranged to fit groups. 

The place is clean enough and the brick wall with the lamps was a nice touch to it as well. 


We felt a bit let down with our flavour experience at H. Brothers, but we think they can easily improve with a bit of tweak. The prices are reasonable but for now, this is a tough recommend.

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