Harpo's Pizza

178/A Stanley Tillakaratne Mw, Nugegoda

Harpo's has a new stand-alone pizza parlor in Nugegoda. Almost by default it's one of the nicer places in that town now, and it makes for faster delivery to the suburbs - from Kotte to Battaramulla.

Known as Colombo's first homegrown thin crust pizza parlor, Harpo's Pizza has been growing strong since 2005. You don't get to see them sprouting branches in every corner of the town like your average Pizza Hut but they're quite popular in Colombo and its suburbs. Aside from their initial venture at The Bayleaf, they've expanded their brand for three more branches now - Nugegoda, Mount Lavinia and in Ja Ela. 
Harpo's seem to be consistent with the quality of their products, which is why our experience from last week wasn't anything different than what we experienced three years ago.  

Pizzas & Drinks

The menu is more or less the same. They've got pizza, pasta, a few starters and a bunch of drinks to gulp it down. As you might already know, this is a place that you can grab the biggest pizzas in the country - 19", 22" and the giant pizza can be customized according to the number of people you want to feed and their preferences. 

In this review, we tried two of the classic pizza toppings - half Pizza Romagna (Rs. 1950, Rs. 975 for half) and Pizza Buffalo Caprese (Rs. 1750, half Rs. 875). 

Let's start with the crust - succulent and thin, it had a nice crunch. All you need in a good pizza is adequate cheese and a ton of toppings, and Harpo's delivers both. 

Our favorite out of the two toppings was the Pizza Romagna, and it had a lot to offer. Brilliantly concocted with bacon, smoked chicken, and mushroom, it was very meaty, with the tangy tomato sauce base being the perfect compliment. 

We were kinda surprised by the Pizza Buffalo Caprese here because it didn't quite look like the one we tried at Harpo's Mount Lavinia branch. For your reference, we've added a picture of Mount Branch's Buffalo Caprese, which was taken just 8 months ago, so you can see what we're talking about. 

The pizza we tried at the Nugegoda branch didn't have these chewy cubes of buffalo mozzarella on it, but instead, it had a generous layer of mozzarella followed by the usual slices of tomato. Don't get me wrong, we didn't hate it. In fact, we liked it, but not as much as the one with mozzarella cubes on it. 

As for drinks, we tried the Limeade (Rs. 300) and the Strawberry Iced Tea (Rs. 340). The Limeade was fizzy, with strong notes of lime and lemonade, making for a refreshing treat on a very hot day in Colombo. The Strawberry Iced Tea, however, was on the sweet side, and the hints of tea were kinda subdued by the abundance of strawberry syrup in it, but still good. 

Service & Ambience

This is a picture that was taken three years ago, and nothing has changed ever since. It's still the same airconditioned space, decorated with pictures of pizza, and a bunch of white color glass-topped tables and wooden chairs. 

Friendly, efficient and helpful - we didn't run into any problems regarding their service either.


From sauces and pasta to toppings, all of Harpo's ingredients are homemade, and you can actually purchase them from their branches and popular supermarket stores. It is still a good option if you're craving for thin crust, wood-fired pizza in Colombo.


Try their fresh (homemade) pastas.


178/A Stanley Tillakaratne Mw, Nugegoda


The branch is near the Jubilee Post Roundabout. From Nugegoda, take the main road past the Nugegoda Supermarket towards Kotte. At a fork in the road (where Meat Locker is) turn right. Continue on that road for a few kilometers.


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Between Rs. 500 - Rs. 1000

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Pasta Pizza

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