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Hebrew's Cafe

No.1080, Sri Jayewardenepura Mawatha, Rajagiriya

Hebrew's Cafe is the newest entrant into CMB's cafe scene. They serve breakfast all day in addition to a range of sandwiches as well as coffee and smoothies.

The newly opened Hebrew's Cafe rests in a shady nook down 5th lane in Rajagiriya. They serve breakfast all day, their sandwiches are filling and the premises are beautifully decorated. 


Our mains comprised of a Spicy Grilled Chicken with Mozzarella Cheese Panini (Rs. 600) and a portion of the Eggs Benedict (Rs. 650).

Two full chicken fillets sandwiched between perfectly toasted ciabatta bread, dripping with cheese for Rs. 600 is a fair purchase. The chicken was tender, incredibly juicy and spilled out the sides through its bready enclosure which meant you get to chew on a big chunk of chicken with every bite. It's served with a fresh romaine lettuce and tomato salad with olive oil dressing alongside a portion of crisp fries. The only drawback here was that the spice didn't come through, but it doesn't matter. This one's a winner. The eggs benny was presented humbly atop two slices of bacon on what appeared to be burger buns. It's a bit of a step-down from English muffins, but few restaurants here actually serve them. The eggs were well done with a splendidly runny yolk, peppered with chilli powder and garnished with cilantro. Vishwi said the bacon was oozing with flavour and did a good job of tying the whole thing together.


We got ourselves a Cappuccino (Rs. 390) and a Latte (Rs. 400). The coffee used is Italian sourced, pre-roasted and wasn't too shabby.The Cappuccino came in a large, flat cup and I found the coffee art hilarious. Most high-end places don't really bother so I found this a thoughtful touch. Reminded me of a winking Bacchus.
Taste-wise it came off rather flat. The foam to milk ratio was fine although the milk was stronger than the coffee.

We initially placed an order for an iced latte but they served us the hot counterpart instead. The latte art didn't pop like the cappuccino but whatever. This was a taller mug though so getting through the warm coffee was a bit of a task thanks to the sweltering heat. It tasted very similar to the cappuccino so nothing special to report here.
I recommend you stick to their juices.

Service & Ambience

Their light yellow and blue colour scheme screams positive vibes. With a lot of wooden furniture and tons of decor along the walls it's basically a peppy environment I can see becoming popular with the kids from the neighbouring schools. Also they've paid great attention to detail like this little spot here.It's a very Instagrammable location so make sure your battery's charged and you have enough space on your SD cards.
It can get unbearably hot inside despite there being a lot of ventilation, but the heat's to blame. They have fans in full rotation but this didn't help. We were told that they'll have A/Cs up and running very soon so that'll be more comfy.
Service is excellent. We were offered cold water and we noticed the staff going about checking on customers regularly.


Hebrew's seems very very promising and I hope they don't falter in terms of quality. I definitely see myself going back and I recommend this place if you're in the area and are looking for a brunch feast or to grab a bite. 


Try their paninis! The coffee isn't great.


No.1080, Sri Jayewardenepura Mawatha, Rajagiriya


It's right next to the Rancrisp cashew shop/Fresheez juice bar in Rajagiriya.



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Price Range

Between Rs. 500 - Rs. 1000

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Pork Sandwiches Coffee Smoothies Healthy

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