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Hela Buth Gedara

Delivery only.

Hela Buth Gedara is a cloud kitchen that's specialised in homemade rice & curries.

Hela Buth Gedara does rice & curry from their home front and delivers it to your doorstep. If you're looking at an option for your daily dose of buth without having to step outside, this is a good bet. 

Rice & Curry

We went with three packets of rice & curry - Cuttlefish (Rs. 280), Prawns (Rs. 280) and Chicken (Rs. 230). 

Aside from the protein, you don't get to pick the curries you want to accompany your rice, so it's pretty much the same curries you get in every packet of rice. The Cuttlefish Rice & Curry came with curried dhal, mango, potato, brinjal moju, tempered cuttlefish and a couple of papadum and fried chillies. 

Our favourite out of the lot was the dhal curry. Beautifully creamy, it had a lot of curry taste to savour and even it wasn't served with any gravy, the milky potato curry made up for it. The mango curry was a tad overcooked which was a bit mushy in texture and had a dominating sour flavour. A sprinkle of sugar would have made it all better. 

We enjoyed the brinjal moju too. It had a subtle sweetness running through, while the pieces were not oily or mushy. 

The cuttlefish, however, was a bit rubbery for our liking and didn't have any flavours to taste, aside from the heat coming from the chilli flakes. 
Hela Buth Gedara's take on tempered prawns was excellent. Wrapped in a chockfull of chilli flakes, onions, green chillies and a handful of curry leaves, the prawns were well-cooked, plumpy and deliciously chewy. 
The piece of chicken in this rice packet had been seasoned to be in the peppery side, was soft in texture, and flavourful. Unfortunately, it was incredibly tiny in size. We were done with it after like three bites of rice. 


This stuff by Hela Buth Gedara isn't all bad and has the capacity to improve, especially in terms of seasoning. They seem to maintain a good balance of flavours from elements they've got on the rice packet, which they can easily enhance with a bit more spices in the mix. 

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