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Hilton Residences Bar & Lounge

200 Union Place, Colombo 2

This rather busy bar has good food and drinks, but is quite expensive.

The Hilton Residences Bar & Lounge doesn't have the most creative name, but it has excellent drinks and food. It is, however, quite expensive, with almost everything pushing Rs. 1,000.

The Drinks And Food

Everything we had was good, and everything was expensive. Most of the cocktails are around Rs. 1000, like the Blackberry Fizz above (Rs. 900). This gin-based drink was light, refreshing, and arrived really fast. Drink wise it's quite satisfying, but you need to be doing some rewarding business to have more than a few here.

We also tried a beer cocktail (Rs. 900). This is a mix of cordial and beer, which was quite nice. Mind you, we're quite capable of pouring some Sunquick in a Lion Lager  half the price, but it is a nice drink in a chill scene.

For bites we ordered the fried mozarella (Rs. 610) which was oozy, came with an intriguing amount of dips and was reasonably priced.

As a menu you get an iPad which is kinda cool, for drinks it's kinda a gimmick, but with the food they have nice (and relatively realistic) photos of what you're getting.

The prices here are undoubtably high, but you are getting quality. The food we'd say is actually a pretty decent value. Note that you'll get hit with taxes and service as well. Our bill for two was Rs. 3,000.

The Location

What you're really paying for here is the location. On the night we came the place was buzzing (at least 20 people there) but it's laid out so that you can be social (and relatively public, near the back lobby) or almost completely private. We sat in a nook and there are basically private rooms.

The place is completely redone and we'd say it's done tastefully and well, everything from the level of the lights to the comfort of the furniture. We went during Christmas time and they were even refined about the decorations.

It's a classy joint. We wouldn't go here for cheap drinks with friends, but it's a very good place for business or a more adult night out.


Whoever's making the drinks has some skill and the service is really fast. They were relatively busy but our drinks came out in a few minutes, and the food service was snappy as well. The waiters were attentive without imposing and everybody seems experienced and pretty well trained. Like everything else here, you seem to get what you pay for.


Like I just said, at the Hilton Residences Bar & Lounge, you get what you pay for. The drinks, service and location and excellent, and also expensive.

This is an ideal spot for business dranks, or if you're just a classy individual.


Only certain items are discounted during Happy Hour, check the menu.


200 Union Place, Colombo 2


The Residences is at the corner of Staple Street and Union Place. You can go straight down Union from the ODEL roundabout. A more windy way is to go down the Gangaramaya Rd and round the back.


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