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Himsara Foods

7 Chitra Lane, Colombo 5

  • Open until 09:00 PM

A great place to grab some good rice and curry, along with a killer pork curry.

If you've ever been around Chitra Lane in Colombo 5, you must have noticed this streetside rice & curry spot that's always buzzing with people. Well-known for their delicious pork curry, it's called Himsara Foods. It's been over five years since we've been here, and back then, our experience left a lot to be desired. However, five years is plenty of time for things to change, which is why we decided it's time to check them out again. 

Rice & Curry

In comparison to other rice & curry spots in Colombo, their spread here doesn't have a lot of variety. Chicken, fish, eggs, and pork in the meats section, red, white and fried rice, along with four other curries, the choice here is quite limited, but still good. 

Featured here is the Chicken Rice & Curry (Rs. 220) which was served with a generous helping of red rice, a sizeable piece of well-seasoned chicken, innala curry, tempered ladies fingers, dhal curry, and some good old pol sambol

Innala curry isn't a vegetable we usually come across in Colombo buth kadeys, and what we had at Himsara Foods was excellent. Soaked in a gravy of coconutty goodness, with hints of curry seeping through, it was such a delight. 

The other curries were good too, but a little more spices could have made them better. Spicy and sour with fried karapincha doing its magic, the pol sambol was a flavorful addition. 
Replacing the chicken with a bullseye egg, we had no complaints about this Egg Rice & Curry (Rs. 200). The bullseye itself had a good amount of chili flakes, which helped to spike-up the flavors of the meal. 

Rumor has it right - Himsara Foods does a good pork curry. It was all about the balance of flavors. A little heat from the pepper, and sourness from goraka, along with lots and lots of curry, it bound nicely to the tender pieces of pork. But mind you, it's mostly fatty bits with a few meaty pieces here and there.

So if you love that melt-in-the-mouth goodness, you're in for a treat. If not, avoid. However, the gravy goes with anything - from rice to paan and parotta to egg roti. The Pork Rice & Curry is priced at Rs. 280, and you can get a separate, massive portion of this for Rs. 240. 

Served with a devilled chicken piece, chili paste, and a chop suey, the Chicken Fried Rice (Rs. 300) was our least favorite one out of the lot. The rice was seasoned well, but the chop suey was watery, while the chicken tasted really bland. 

Service and Ambience

In terms of ambience, Himsara Foods pretty much looks like the average rice and curry joints in Colombo, nothing stood out. The rice and curries are offered in clay pots, and they've got around six table and chairs, enough to hold around 25 customers at a time. The takeaway option is pretty popular here, as it gets really crowded during lunch hours. 

The staff was accommodative, and quick on their feet. Even at a busy hour, they let us do our thing when we awkwardly took the pictures. 


Himsara Food isn't all bad, but certainly could have improved by adding some more curries to their menu, so we'll have a good variety of food to choose from. It's a good option if you happen to be around the area and in need of some rice and curry fix.


The pork curry is the best thing!


7 Chitra Lane, Colombo 5


From Thimbirigasaya go either past Fife Road (heading east/out) or past Torrington (heading west). Kirula Road is the next big road. Himsara is near the corner.

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Open until 09:00 PM


Sri Lankan

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Less than 200

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Rice And Curry Pork

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