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Holly's Street Food


A streetside stall at Kimbulawala Walk Way known for their Hotdogs and excellent Gulab Jamun.

Many food trucks and food stalls have been lining up at Kimbulawala Walk Way. Holly's Street Food is a stall that recently joined this throng, to serve up some good hotdogs, curries and even better Gulab Jamun. 


We tried two hotdogs - Bacon Sausage (Rs. 350) and Lingus (Rs. 250) with their homemade sauce.

Both of the sausages were well-cooked. They use the Keells Hotdog bun here, which is probably not the best around, but gets the job done. 

The sauce was excellent though. Oozing out with a lovely lemongrass-y hint, it had kicks of mustard, a little bit of tang too, which balanced out well with the pile of caramelised onions. 

However, there was a bit too sauce on my hotdog, which made it quite messy to eat.
The Chicken Curry With Paratha (Rs. 250) was a filling meal. Infused with a good dose of spices, the chicken curry was absolutely relishing. The pieces of chicken were cooked well, soft and the spices were packed into the meat perfectly. 

A bit drier for our liking, the parathas seemed store-bought.

They do some great Gulab Jamun (Rs. 80 per piece). Beautifully golden brown in colour, they were milky and sweet, but not overly so, and had a wonderfully soft texture. If you happen to swing by Holly's Street Food, don't forget to try one of these. 

Ambience & Service

It's a streetside stall. The busy Pitakotte - Talawatugoda Road runs from one side, and on the other, lies the calm and soothing jogging track that extends to a bank of Diyawanna lake, paddy fields and a lot of greenery. If you want to sit down for a meal between these two worlds, they've arranged a couple of plastic chairs and tables, but if not, you can easily use the takeaway option.

What improved our experience even more, was the bunch that runs this venture. They were super friendly and quite welcoming. 


Whether it be grabbing dinner or opting for a little snack on the way, Holly's Street Food is a good option. They announce the opening times and such on their Facebook page, so make sure to check it out before dropping by.

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