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Salinda Dissanayaka Mawatha, Ruhunupura

A great spot in Thalawatugoda to hang out and enjoy some comfort food.

When your Instagram game is strong and you post beautiful pictures, it's only a matter of time before Vishvi and I drop in. Straight up, Holybelly is not easy to locate. The location on Google maps is not accurate so we had to refer to the one on their Insta.

Anyhow, we had a nice time with good food and lots of laughs, as always.

The Food

They had all our favourite comfort foods from burgers, sandwiches, pasta to all-day breakfast options.

The Blueberry Pancakes (Rs. 650) was our favourite. The three pancakes were incredibly fluffy, slightly sweet and delicious. They were neatly stacked together and half-covered in a rich and flavourful blueberry coulis and a drizzle of syrup, with cashews and strawberries sprinkled around. The coulis added so much flavour to the pancakes.

Everything worked so well together, although I did find the syrup a bit too much. Anyway, that's simply my preference, but we highly recommend you try this out. 

The Breakfast Taco (Rs. 850) we got from the All Day Breakfast section was another winner. The dish was essentially an open taco with a creamy and cheesy scrambled egg, a few tortilla chips bedded on a tortilla wrap, which made for a filling and succulent dish. 

You can fold it up and eat it like a taco or even a burrito because the wrap was quite big. The eggs were the star of the dish, but everything combined together made it even better. The wrap was well-cooked and had a slight crunch to it. All in all, it's a great breakfast/brunch option.

We also tried the Pasta Aglio E Olio (Rs. 700) which was the only dish that did not live up to our expectations. There was an option to have it with or without bacon and Vishvi chose the former. Unfortunately, the only difference was just a tiny bacon strip on top of an otherwise regular pasta with a basil mix.

The pasta itself was undercooked which made it harder to chew. There wasn't much going on except for a faint taste of olive oil. They could certainly improve on this dish. 

The Drinks

Their drinks were interesting, especially the Nutella Shake which comes with a donut on top. Unfortunately, it wasn't available that day. Aside from that, they had coffee, fresh juices, smoothies, milkshakes, and tea.

The Strawberry Dream (Rs. 490) we tried was very refreshing. There wasn't a powerful taste of strawberries per se, but it did taste of a combination of strawberries, banana and watermelon. Pair it with a breakfast dish, and you've got yourself a solid meal. 

The Hazelnut Latte (Rs. 400) was an instant favourite. It had a mild taste of coffee with a strong hazelnut flavour as well as a frothy texture. It was a mugful of delicious coffee to have with your brunch. 

Service and Ambiance

Their service was a little deficient at first, but they pulled through. Our food didn't take long to arrive and they asked for our opinion regarding any improvements on the food, which is something I really admire.

The place had two floors, the upper being the dining area. It's not that big but they have managed to fit about 6-8 tables in without making it seem congested. The black wooden furniture and the cute wallpaper on the far wall were charming in its simplicity. 


Overall, their food was satisfactory except for the pasta. The location is a bit of an inconvenience but once you get there, the food will definitely compensate for that. Drop in for some fluffy pancakes and all day breakfast.


Get the Chilli Lime Prawn.


Salinda Dissanayaka Mawatha, Ruhunupura


Right in front of Austasia.


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