Salinda Dissanayaka Mawatha, Ruhunupura

A great spot in Thalawatugoda to hang out and enjoy some comfort food.

Holybelly, to many of us, is not new to the eating scene in Colombo. They used to take up a spot in Colombo 3 but given a stream of events we're not entirely sure about, they've moved to Thalawathugoda to serve up everyone leaving Austasia ( the new venue is literally the house in front of the entrance). 

Anywho, with a new location and such, we decided to pop in for some dinner. 

Note: If you're a cat person, you are going to love the new place. 


The most distinct thing about the ambience apart from the strange Pinterest-y paraphernalia up front was the individual involved in the welcoming party. 

She may look like she's walking away, but she's actually the first person to greet us on entering the area. Fluffy and absolutely the cutest thing ever, she managed to give Holybelly its first brownie point from us. 

To those of you who have no interest in this beautiful feline, calm thy soul, we're getting to it. 

Holybelly has made very little effort into making the place look like an ordinary everyday restaurant and we're not really complaining. It did feel poddak strange to be ordering food from servers when you feel like you're visiting a relative, but, maybe it's just me being a weirdo. 

However, with many, a seating arrangement options to choose from - cut cement ft. cushions, sofas, dining tables and ordinary restaurant-y tables, it's comfortable and very homely. We only found the lighting to be a bit distraught mostly because they make your pictures look like utter trash.


After you've been seated, the server will immediately hand over a giant black menu with a bunch of dishes from curries to noodles to rice to pancakes and another with the beverage list. Given how it was late and we didn't want to eat pancakes for dinner, we opted for a more savoury turn of events. 

The Hot Buttered Mushrooms (Rs. 490) came to our table sizzling. With a healthy dose of well battered, crunchy mushrooms doused in oil and spice, we loved it. It's one of the best investments you're gonna go with when you're here and we sure hope you give it a shot. 

Seriously, look at how big the portion size is! There's a lot going on there folks and it's more than enough for at least 3 people to munch on while you wait. 

The Coriander Rice (Rs. 250) also came from the sides section and followed suit to the mushrooms. A healthy dose of sunny yellow fluffy rice with faint whiffs of coriander seeping through, it went wonderfully well with the Maharaja (Rs.650) and was all we could have hoped for. 

The Maharaja is actually the little bowl that's on the side of the rice in the picture. It's from the section titled Indian curries and the only reason we got it was because of its name. Coming in as a creamy concoction of sliced, boneless chicken drenched in a gravy that's both packed in flavour and hella thick, we loved it.

The portion may look small but it's more than enough for 2, especially considering how there are no bones involved in the bowl.

Aye, the Chilli and Lime Prawn (Rs. 690). Served on a bed of lettuce, the prawns were the absolute best part of our meal. Super fresh with bits of fresh chilli and lime juice encasing the top, they were brilliant. There was enough flavour involved to taste the freshness of the prawn and the whole thing was hella light. 


In terms of drinks, the menu is almost as big as the food menu. Serving everything from Frappes to Hot Chocolate to mojitos to fruit juices to iced tea, as the range of furniture, there's a lot to go with so you might take some time choosing. 

Pictured above: Immunity Kick (left), Lime Juice (right)

Lime Juice is a wonderful thing. But, unfortunately, this wasn't the nicest take on Lime juice we've had. While it was served cold and with enough kicks of sugar involved, it felt kinda bland and slightly bitter. We're not sure why.

The Immunity Kick is one that was recommended by our server and was quite nice. A combination of carrot, orange and apples, it was a thick blend that somehow maintained a level of lightness to it which we really liked.

Sweet, citrusy and paving way for you to taste both the carrot-ed and apple-d elements, it was good. However, the pulp does tend to get stuck when you're drinking, but that's nothing to complain about. 


The staff at Holybelly was okay. They were pretty efficient with the way they dealt with everything and given how well they seemed to know the menu, we couldn't complain. Plus, the food was brought a lot faster than we expected it to. 


We liked our experience at Holybelly. With nice food and a comfortable enough ambience, it was pretty positive. However, given how it's in Thalawathugoda, it can be termed a tad steep in terms of pricing. But, apart from that, it was great. 

Plus, there's always this cutie to look forward to! 



Get the Chilli Lime Prawn.


Salinda Dissanayaka Mawatha, Ruhunupura


Right in front of Austasia.


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