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Home Cooking Fast Foods

293, High Level Rd, Nugegoda

A popular rice and curry spot down High Level Road.

Home Cooking Fast Foods is yet another place to get your rice & curry fix if you're in Nugegoda. Located down Highlevel road, it's a popular spot among school kids, working crowd and shoppers. 


As a Sri Lankan who has pretty much lived and breathed rice for as long as I can remember, I stand by with those of you who like their rice and curry to be the epitome of spiciness. And for me, the food we encountered here wasn't THE BEST RICE & CURRY EVER, mostly because I prefer my food to be a bit spicier than the average buth mula or maybe it was just because the curries I chose weren't ideal to get your eyes stinging.  But, either way, I am obliged to say for the benefit of every other human such as myself, who prefer their rice and curry to have a bit more heat than average - the food here can be a bit bland.

Home Cooking Street Foods has three types of rice - white, red and fried rice, and you can pick six curries of your choice, including a protein. 

Accompanied with polos maluwa (green jack fruit curry), ambarella curry, dhal, dambala (winged beans) curry, and some good old pol sambol, this plate of Chicken Rice & Curry was quite alright (Rs. 250). We liked the dhal, dambala and the ambarella curries - they were cooked right with a good amount of spiciness to it, but not enough to satitate a true Sri Lankan palate.

However, the polos maluwa was undercooked to the point where where we could almost taste the kahata flavour in it, and unfortunately so was my manioc. It had a really tough texture, and I actually gave up on it and kept it on the side to eat only if I was still hungry after eating the mountain of rice they served with the curries. 

Now we come to the shining light at the edge of the tunnel which completely made up this lunch for me - the chicken curry! We did order one fish rice & curry, which for some odd reason came through as chicken - but seriously, we are not complaining. It was decently prepared with strong hits of spices, which were enough to leave plenty of flavours to brighten up our lunch.

The Chicken Fried Rice (Rs. 280) was offered as a set menu, containing a portion of fried rice, devilled chicken, cucumber salad and wambatu moju. We have no complaints regarding this. The rice was cooked well, not too oily and had a good seasoning, along with a sprinkle of thinly sliced carrots, spring onions and egg bits. Doused in tomato sauce, the devilled chicken had a slightly tough outside and a soft inside, while the veggies in the salad were fresh and crunchy with a hint of pepper. 

For all of you who don't eat meat, have no fear because they have a mountain of vegetarian options to choose from. 

Service and Ambience

The service here was, we must say, quite good. The staff being efficient, we were able to get our food and out of their hair in less than 3 minutes. But I recommend getting your food take away because although this place looks adequately clean, the space had very limited seating. So, if you're planning on getting lunch with more than ten people here, a few of you might have to find somewhere else to sit. 


Ehhh, I peronally wouldn't give it anything more than a 6/10. But, I think it's worth mentioning that instead of those newspaper squares in a glass as serviettes, they had an actual tissue dispenser next to the sink which I personally found pretty cool.


Try the chicken!


293, High Level Rd, Nugegoda


Right next to Ambul Thiyal.


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Sri Lankan

Price Range

Between Rs. 200 - Rs. 500

Dish Types

Rice And Curry Fried Rice

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