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Home Paan

Delivery only

A home-based sandwich maker.

Home Paan makes some of the tastiest roast paan sandwiches one can get. They're very generous with their delicious fillings and use the freshest roast paan. You can simply DM them on Instagram for orders and inquiries.

The Sandwiches

Home Paan does savoury and sweet roast paan sandwiches, and we tried three of them - Egg, Sausages & Pol Sambol Sandwich (Rs. 525), Maldive Fish Seeni Sambol & Egg Sandwich (Rs. 370) and Kithul Treacle Sandwich (Rs. 250). They offer different add-ons; like cheese and different sauces for an extra cost, but we decided to stick to the originals. 

This sandwich is well-stuffed with some dynamite pol sambol. Spicy, zesty and sour, it had plenty of tiny onion bits and green chillies enhancing the flavour. The chunks of chicken sausages are also mixed into it, while the fried egg lies underneath all that. 

The bread itself was well crisped up and chewy, while the inside was wonderfully soft.
The Maldive Fish Seeni Sambol & Egg Sandwich was a killer too. Sweet and mildly spicy, the seeni sambol had plenty of Maldive fish in it. Paired with the fried egg, it's a classic flavour combo. 

The Kithul Treacle Sandwich was basically two roast paans soaked in kithul treacle and presented as a sandwich. It was good, but a little more kithul treacle would have made it better.


These flavour-packed roast paan sandwiches do not require any pre-ordering unless it's a bulk order. They accept orders from 7.00 in the morning, which makes it a brilliant option to get a filling breakfast fix. 

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