Homemart (Nawala)

456 Nawala Road, Nawala

A one-stop shop for homeware, electricals, paint, etc

The Nawala area has always been the best spot for home improvement and construction stuff, from tiles and taps to curtains and couches. It's also always been a bit annoying to traipse from shop to shop, which makes the brand new Homemart a treat. It's a one-stop shop reminiscent of Home Depot or Lowe's, with various departments, brands, and options.

Products & Brands

Their prices are pretty reasonable, especially in comparison to other hardware shops around. They've also generally got a bunch of discounts and giveaways on, just check out their Facebook page. From what we saw, they had:

  • Heavier construction/repair stuff like drills, tiles, and roofing
  • Paint products like paint, brushes, rollers, wood coating, thinners etc from a couple of brands like Multilac, JAT, and Dulux. There was also a Dulux paint shade mixer machine which is loads of fun to watch in action.
  • Bathroom plumbing and sanitaryware, like cisterns, toilets, taps, and tiles
  • Personal grooming products like blow dryers, beard trimmers, 
  • Kitchen electrical products- rice cookers, fridges, and toasters
  • Plastic/smaller things like brooms, mops, dustbins etc (all cheaper than my point of reference, Arpico), glue, batteries, and more
  • Gardening utensils from spades to plant food, 
  • Repellents like fly traps, mosquito nets, and rat poison.

The Store

St. Anthony's Homemart is by the St. Anthony's group, which has some 75 years experience as hardware distributors. Located on Nawala Road, the multi-story building is spacious and well-lit. It's going to take you a while to walk around if you're just browsing, but if you've got something specific in mind the store is divided into specific sections. There's lots of cashiers and parking so that should save you some time too, plus it's open till 9 PM daily which is convenient if you're working.


The staff is meant to be trilingual, which is great. They should be able to help you find what you're looking for, as well as help you understand how to use the products etc. Ask the staff present if you need details on delivery, prices, and more.


Homemart is a very welcome addition for homeowners, both experienced and new. If you're refurbishing, building, or simply need basic household stuff, drop by there. Their inventory is going to keep growing over the next couple of months, so ask the staff if there's something in particular you're looking for. You might even get free ice cream or a car wash!


456 Nawala Road, Nawala


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