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Honey Pot (Rajagiriya)

931, Ethul Kotte road, Ethul Kotte

Honey Pot's Rajagiriya outlet is a quiet little retreat that offers the same range of wax treatments as their sister location at Park Road.

Apart from a few haphazard tries with store bought wax strips, I’ve never invested in a proper waxing session. So my immediate terror was understandable as I booked myself in for a luxury full body plus wax (Rs. 11,500), which waxes everything off. Surprisingly enough, everything went well and it proved to be a rather positive affair.

The Experience

I was ushered into a little room with stark white walls and a bed of sorts where the waxing would take place.
After donning the required garment and praying to the Faceless God, I was educated on the process and told that the best wax for my sensitive skin would be the Titanium strawberry flavoured hot wax. The normal wax treatment is cheaper, at about Rs. 5500 for full body, and the luxury comes in at Rs. 7000 for full body. Keep in mind there's a difference between full body and full body plus, you can call them up and get details on what's covered in each treatment.

The technician explained that hard wax was to be used along the bikini line to make the removal process quicker and safer for sensitive skin. It hurt a little, but she was fast so the pain didn't linger.
Once they’re done stripping you of all your bodily hairs you are slathered in a lovely peppermint oil that’ll help soothe the pain and potential irritation.

After-Wax Tips

  • Do NOT expose freshly waxed skin to tight, unbreathable underwear (like polyester) or hot water. The technician recommended cold showers whenever possible.
  • In the case of a breakout or bubbles of any sort, apply aloe gel or lacto calamine generously and do not itch.
  • Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise. 

Ambience & Service

The parlour itself is rather small and cosy with frames set up to divide each area. I do wish it were a little more private because the technicians pretty much just spoke over the walls if they wanted anything handed to them which makes a first-time experience a little awkward.

The technician was super helpful and she didn’t dilly-dally. It's obvious that she's very experienced and tried her best to make it as quick and painless as possible which I appreciated. She was also nice enough to give me the occasional pat whenever she waxed off a particularly painful area. Points to her for her professionality.


I recommend this place if you’re heading to your first wax session ever. Keep in mind that it will hurt but it will also be over in a flash and you’ll come out super smooth and slippery all over. 


Speak to the technician about what wax will best suit your skin-type.


931, Ethul Kotte road, Ethul Kotte


It's next to Burger King right above Chapter One.


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