Honey Pot

14 A, Park Road, Colombo 05

Honey Pot Salon specializes in waxing. With plenty of wax varieties, trained technicians and a chic ambience, they've managed to make hair removal less awkward and painful.

Before BeWaxed and Honey Pot opened up, Colombo's only dedicated waxing spot was the incredibly dingy Sandy's. Most salons also offer waxing services but they tend to be a bit pricey and their technicians are usually trained in a general way.

Honey Pot is situated in the central Havelock Town area, just at the top of Park Road (opposite BRC). The salon is right on top of the Fusion 14 clothes shop. They've somehow managed to make hair removal seem chic, with sleek wallpaper and fun lounge music piped over speakers.



They have a variety of wax options, some of which they call flavours, although the taste really doesn't factor at all - it's more the properties the various ingredients have. They're divided into three categories; strip wax, sugar-based wax, and lipo-soluble wax. The prices vary accordingly too.

For example, aloe wax is meant to be soothing and recommended for irritable skin, almond wax strengthens and nourishes skin, while the new gold wax appears to have no real benefit except look bling while you get de-furred. They have dozens of varieties to choose from, including the standard regular honey wax.


Another popular favourite is the strawberry stripless wax, which is much lighter and less painful and so generally recommended for sensitive areas (brazilian waxes, face etc). They also have a bunch of other treatments that we haven't tried yet - body polishing, ingrown hair treatments, and facial treatments like threading, Jovees facials and clean-ups. The body polishing uses natural beeswax though, which sounds pretty luxurious.


I've been to Honey Pot a couple of times now, and while waxing will never be fun it's a lot less painless with these guys. Their technicians are well trained, and speak reasonable English. They have a strict no double-dipping policy for sensitive areas, and maintain pretty great hygiene standards. No reusable strips and wax bed coverings, along with fresh wet wipes and dip-sticks make for a blissfully sterile experience. If you book yourself in for a full body wax, they usually assign two technicians to you, which means you'll be done before you know it.


They really know their stuff too, which means they can recommend the best wax for you. They also recommend methods to beat the sting of waxing sensitive areas. Most importantly, they're friendly yet professional, which is really important for your comfort.


Obviously waxing's still not entirely painless but at least it doesn't have to be awkward and uncomfortable. Make a booking in advance as the salon is pretty popular. They also have some great loyalty offers and packages. Honey Pot is on the expensive side, but it's worth the Rs. 3000 or so for a well-deserved monthly de-fuzz session.


Have a chat with your technician beforehand in order to know which wax will work best for you.


14 A, Park Road, Colombo 05


It's right at the top of Park Road, where it meets Havelock Road.


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