Hotel Top Form

150E High Level Road, Nugegoda

Hotel Top Form is an Indian restaurant under the Nugegoda flyover. It's OK, the lunch packets are not especially good but we hear good things about the tandoori.

Hotel Top Form has been in the same place for over a decade now. Located right next to Gemi Gedara premises, this place is always buzzing with shoppers, tuition kids and people who work around. Our impression from 5 years ago wasn't very pleasant, but a lot can change within that period.  So, we decided to check them out again. 

Food & Drinks

The menu here is massive and comprised of both Indian and Chinese food. You can either opt for the generic stuff in their display (rice & curry, fried rice, and biriyani etc.) or order off the menu, which is what we did. But sadly, the majority of them were limited to paper. 

The Chicken 65 (Rs. 400) was the best out of the lot we tried. It had around 7 - 8 pieces of chicken, coated with a very light, delicious 65 batter that gave it a satisfactory crisp. Garnished with some squeezed lime and onions, this one is delish.

Their Mutton Biriyani (Rs. 480), is actually an egg biriyani served with a side of mutton curry. It also had the sides of Minchi Sambol and Malay Achcharu. 

The basmati rice was aromatic and cooked well, but quite dry, so the gravy of the mutton curry didn't go to waste. It's not the well-seasoned, most flavorsome, or the authentic version of biriyani, but more of a localized one. Our expressions were pretty much like the last time. Not bad, but nothing exciting, or to write home about. 

The mutton curry was quite good though. Adequately spicy, with lots of curry taste, it made a good combo with our biriyani.

What we really wanted was a Chicken Fried Rice, but what we got, is this (more on that later). At Rs. 300, the curry chicken portion was quite expensive but tasted alright - nothing stood out. Its gravy was kinda watery and didn't have strong curry notes seeping through.

We liked our Egg Fried Rice (Rs. 240) though. It had a good amount of little egg pieces to go with every bite and the other common elements like spring onions and bits of carrot. The rice itself wasn't too oily, and the seasoning was on point.

*Pictured above - Orange Juice and Sweet Lassi 

We were pleasantly surprised with our drinks. The freshly squeezed Orange juice (Rs. 170) was absolutely refreshing, delicious and had very little sugar in it, so we could taste the natural flavors as we like.

The Sweet Lassi didn't disappoint either. It wasn't thick in texture as one would expect, but boasted a nice yogurt flavor, making for a real treat. 

Service & Ambience

The service is kinda tricky here. If you get the right waiter, you're fine. If not, it's gonna get messy.

We were served by two waiters. The initial waiter was very attentive and knew his way around the menu and the availability of the dishes, but the latter had no idea of what's happening. Some of the items we wanted weren't available, so we asked him for a menu, but instead, he brought a plate of curry chicken to our table. When we ordered a chicken fried rice, he came bearing the same curry chicken again and refused to take it back, which is why we had to settle for the egg fried rice. 

As for ambience, they've got a bunch of glass-topped tables, and chairs with steel backs. It's easily enough to accommodate around 50 - 70 people at a time. 


Nugegoda has a ton of good eating places, so this wouldn't be on the top of our list to dine-in. But it wouldn't hurt to check them out for a change, especially if you're around and looking for some good chicken 65. 


Their tandoori only comes out at night.


150E High Level Road, Nugegoda


Take the High Level Road out of Colombo, it's just under the flyover, on the right side. You can't turn down there but sometimes you can park under.


Open until 11:00 PM


Indian Sri Lankan

Price Range

Between Rs. 200 - Rs. 500

Dish Types

Biriyani Tandoori

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