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House of Hope

House of Hope No 247, Polhengoda Road, Colombo 05.

A home which takes care of needy children, education and medical needs.

How can underprivileged families bear the cost of providing medical assistance, education and nutrition for their needy, sickly and malnourished children? Contact House of Hope, and as the name reads, they provide not only hope but solutions for the underprivileged.

To be so little, to be alone, to be scared, unsecure where to belong to…. these are the emotions of children who arrive at a foster home. Maybe their parents passed away or the parents were not able to take care or their children (drugs, alcohol, crime, domestic abuse, sexual abuse).

House of Hope was founded to provide relief to support needy children and families. In December 2004, initially HOH supports a children's home in Putzbrunn in the southern part of Munich. The flood disaster in Asia at the end of 2004 led to the development of projects in Sri Lanka, Thailand and Myanmar.

In Sri Lanka HOH provides care for children through various projects such as:

Save Life: Between 2005 and 2015, HOH has helped more than 40 children from poor families by providing surgeries and medical care.

HOH met Chamodya Nethmini, she was was just one and a half years of age. She has been diagnosed with congenital heart defect and requiring urgent surgery. HOH stepped in to help her and today she is a healthy ten year old, thanks to the timely intervention by HOH.

The family is very poor and Nethmini suffers from malnutrition. Because of this Nethmini was enrolled into HOH's Food & Education Programme in 2011 in order to ensure that she has enough to eat and receives as good a school education as possible. 

HOH helps children who have received medical treatment for at least one year with food donations and follow-up examinations. If necessary, support is provided the children through our Food & Education Programme until they have reached the age of 18 and/or found a workplace.

Food & Education:  HOH supports children from poor families in receiving school education and sufficient food. HOH provides funding for school materials, school uniforms, rides to and from school, clothes, and food and find sponsors for projects. 

You can donate online or send your donations to

Account holder: House of Hope e.V. 
Bank für Sozialwirtschaft 
IBAN: DE 50 70020500 000 8839900

For more information contact 113 132 456.

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House of Hope No 247, Polhengoda Road, Colombo 05.


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