Hyve Dessert Bar

61, Ven. Muruththettuwe Ananda Himi Mawatha, Colombo 05

Hyve is a brand new dessert bar at Thimbirigasyaya Road which dishes up a sweet Espresso Tart!

Hyve has set the sweet teeth of Colombo abuzz! They're new, but their fan base has kept them bee-sy throughout since they first opened. People have been flocking to this place like bees to honey, and within their first week- all the desserts were sold out, causing the sugar-rabid YAMU crew much inconvenience. 

Okay, that's enough of all the bee puns, let's get to the review!

The Desserts

Their Creme Brulee (Rs. 500) is a large serving of creamy custard topped with caramelised sugar. It's the king of the confections within that shop and people go crazy over it. 

PLEASE don't shout at me, but although this dessert looks positively beautiful- it felt a bit too light. This isn't necessarily a bad thing- delicate desserts are a wonderful thing. But perhaps it was the effect of that too-thin topping that made it a bit flat?

For one, the topping is almost paper-thin. This means it didn't quite register, nor did it give off the iconic crack that one can expect upon breaking into some good creme brulee. That being said, the custard itself was almost airy in its lightness, with a creamy mouthfeel and subtle flavour. What can be expected upon indulging in this particular crowd-favourite is the guilt-free experience. It's light enough to keep you on your toes, and tasty enough to satisfy the sugar rush.
The Espresso Cheese Tart costs Rs. 400. It's a humble, introverted slice. Its rough edges and rather straightforward presentation make it a bit of a difficult decision, but the taste is exceptional.

The espresso demands your attention with its highly bitter taste, but the tart slowly eases you back in with the cream-cheesy aftertaste. It's a brilliant symphony of different textures and flavours, all packed into a single slice. 5/5.
The Raspberry Heaven Slice (Rs. 500) is a bit of a confusing item but prettily so. It's comprised of layers of gateux, cake and perhaps a no-bake substance of the sort? I cannot say.

While it derives its independantly strong and tart flavour from the raspberry segment, this is still an extremely sweet dessert. After a few mouthfuls you might be a bit overwhelmed from all the sugar consumption, so perhaps make sure you have someone to share this with, no?

Ah, the Irish Creme Pot. One of Hyve's best. Again, much like their other desserts, the presentation is unassuming and silent in its demure appearance. The 'pot' is but a foil container, and the garnish is a simple, single strawberry. Perhaps to cleanse your palate after the experience.

It boasts strong kahlua/irish cream properties in its significantly milky kick and strong, alcohol-y zap. It's only fair that it should come in such a small serving size, lest your addictions get the better of you. This one's a fan favourite and Vishvi from the office won't stop eating it, so we've already lost a good soldier to the seeni-battle. RIP comrade. 

The Drinks 

Drinks here are simple. You can get coffee or tea. They were extremely busy when we were in, so I didn't bother them with the old 'what coffee do you use?' inquiry. But in typical, careless fashion, we decided to have some coffee all the same. The tea provided here is of the Heladiv variety iirc. Better stick to its iced counterpart. 

In this photograph you will see on your left, a bottle of Hyve's Peach Iced Tea. Each bottle costs Rs. 400 and while the price miiiiiight raise an eyebrow, the taste makes its statement. They make it using a syrup of course, but its still very fizzy and fresh with the peach notes stealing the spotlight with its fruity and zesty song. Quite nice. Expensive. But nice. The Cappuccino is another Rs. 450, and is served with a home-made butter cookie. The coffee is light, and slightly flat. However it's nice when it is lukewarm. We do wish there wasn't as much froth on the top though- but it was enjoyable nevertheless. To those of us who drank it, that is. 

Service & Ambience

It's pretty obvious that Hyve is going for a very intimate, homely feel with their desserts and the dessert bar in general. Everything from the furniture to the cups and plates play an important role. It's a nice spot that you can go off to with a friend or two. Or ten. It IS called Hyve, after all. ;)

Service is friendly and fast. You order and pay at the counter. You can either stand around at the counter awkwardly or just return to your seat and wait for one of the staff to bring you your sweets. 

Please note that they have a fully equipped kid's play area complete with books, toys and whatnot. So take the youngins with you. 


They're bringing back the old favourites like the infamous Creme Brulee Cheesecake, and other fun confections- so stay tuned.

In the meantime, try that Espresso Tart won't you?


Choose the peach iced tea over the strawberry one!


61, Ven. Muruththettuwe Ananda Himi Mawatha, Colombo 05



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