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I - Scream

Delivery only

A home-based ice creamery that crafts up some unique flavours.

I - Scream is a home-based ice creamery, which crafts up a whole bunch of artisan ice cream with a unique touch. They do door to door delivery, so hit them up through their Instagram/Facebook for more details.

The Ice Cream

Most of their flavours are available in 125ml, 250ml and 350ml cups, while the rest comes in 180ml. Based on the availability, we tried five flavours - Milka Craze (Rs. 325 for 125ml), Baileys Cream (Rs. 350 for 250ml), Icey Pro (Rs. 650 for 250ml), Anoda Cooler (Rs. 260 for 125ml) and Basil Blast (Rs. 260 for 125ml). The first three belongs to their Premium range, and the others come under the regular range. 
The Milka Craze was packed with the promised chocolate. With the perfect balance between milky and chocolaty, its sweetness was on point too, while the chocolate shavings and bits of almonds on top added for an extra delight. The texture was wonderfully creamy, but not as much as our favourite King Cone Ice Cream ², but was a close second. 

This one is a levelled-up vanilla ice cream. Featuring a vanilla ice cream base, embedded with chocolate flakes and a generous dose of Baileys Irish Cream, it was sweet and had a subtle boozy kick running through, along with a tinge of chocolatiness.

Icey Pro is more of a guilt-free ice cream. A concoction of whey, dates, and low-fat milk was observed in this one. Topped off with crushed almonds, it's less creamy than the rest but has just the right amount of sweetness.

Every bit of this Anoda Cooler has the natural sweet and sour hints of Anoda (Soursop), the beloved tropical fruit, beautifully infused through its creamy, milky layers of ice cream.

The Basil Blast, is exactly what they promise in the name. Giving off that unique aroma of basil leaves, it had a mild minty taste to it, as well as a lemon-y zest. It's probably not for everyone though. While I enjoyed its bold flavours, my husband, who absolutely loves Basil, preferred it as a milkshake.


We can't believe that these delights are done in a home-based ice-creamery - they're that good. The flavours are intense, one-of-a-kind and they come in the creamiest form. We recommend.

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