Indian Hut Family Restaurant

No. 55, Rampart Street, Galle

Indian Hut is a gem of a restaurant in Galle. It's THE spot to choose if you're looking for affordable, and filling Indian food. Their Butter Chicken is the stuff of legend!

Indian Hut is a popular spot down the Galle Fort Ramparts. The entrance is inconspicuous, so you might walk right past it if you don't spot the black sign-board with its Pizza Hut-like logo. There's a set of stairs that lead up to the seating area, so walk in any time from 11:00AM to 10:30PM for some awesome food. 

The Dining Experience 

At Indian Hut, they've got a menu that carries both Indian and Chinese cuisine options. We highly recommend you focus on the former, because that's what they're the best at. For starters, we got a portion of the Paneer 65 (Rs. 460). This is a sizeable portion of large chunks of batter-fried paneer. Slight murmurs of chilli, turmeric and curry powder weave their way through the batter, further enhancing the dish to produce a flavour packed, cheesy entree. Ensure that you make good use of the lime wedge provided to amplify the overall piquancy.This dish was every bit as sumptious as it looks. I've had a dozen or so luscious butter chicken dishes before, but Indian Hut's Butter Chicken (Rs. 460) is basically a pot of gold waiting to be discovered. 

It comes with about 6-7 pieces of the best chicken at the Fort. The meat is cooked so well, some pieces just slide off the bone. They've marinated them well- you don't even need the gravy on account of how much flavour is packed into the meat. Then again, you don't really need the chicken on account of how rich the gravy is, hehe. It's a rich, robust concoction that's thick and loaded with spice, seasoning and enough and more aromatics to drive the nasal cavity insane. Phew. 
The Chili Paneer, is a part of their Chinese section (I know, lol) and is essentially a spicy paneer stir-fry. It's a party of chili, onions, peppers, and fat blocks of paneer: all well sauteed and coated in a spicy sauce mix. You get a decent portion enough for two, or three if you're engaging in a light meal, for Rs. 520.

Speaking about the chili factor, this dish definitely delivers. With every bite, you're greeted with a small explosion of fire and a light sting followed by all the savoury zest that's infused into this. Safe to say it's a good choice.
This here, is a portion of their Vegetable Biriyani (Rs. 290). It comes with two boiled eggs and a small helping of pickled vegetables (onions, carrots, banana peppers).  See, the price here makes absolutely zero sense on account of how large this portion is. You can spend an extra Rs. 100 or so and opt for the chicken version, but it's a great budget plan if you stick to the vegetable option and get two curries on the side instead. 

The basmati rice is cooked just right, salted and infused with the usual clove, cardamoms and possibly a bit of saffron as well. In terms of taste, it isn't exactly the star of Galle, but it's satisfactory.  It's a big dish too, more than enough for two, or two servings per person. 

They've got desserts like watalappam, ice cream, and fruit salad, but we stuck to the drinks here. 

The first one is the Faluda (Rs. 160). A fat scoop of ice cream sits melting into a liquid mix of rosewater, colouring and kasa kasa (poppy) seeds. Mix well to enjoy a rather overly sweet, yet highly satisfactory drink- best for consuming mid-afternoon, post-Galle walk. 

The Lime Soda (Rs. 200) was the sourest lime soda I've had. I liked it, but most people might find it a tad overpowering. It's got a good blend of lime and soda, making it a very balanced drink. If you ever get an extra-sour glass, just ask for some sweetener and you're all set. 

Service & Ambience

The Service here is actually pretty bad. But you cannot allow yourself to be irritated or annoyed at the various disappearing acts the waiters will put on. They're always extremely busy, and when they're not- they really don't care too much. 

Stick it out, and make sure you're assertive when calling for a waiter. Make eye contact, and make sure they see you. The food takes a while, too. Don't start a squabble, the food is worth the wait I promise. 

The ambience is calm and unpretentious. They haven't really bothered to frill the place up with unnecessary decor, and instead let time takeits toll and give the place a wonderfully rustic charm. The walls are painted a strange, slime-green, but it somehow adds to the overall look of the place.

The view in the afternoon/evening is the best you'll get since the restaurant directly faces the Galle ramparts and the sea beyond. It's a great spot to sit at in a lazy biriyani-induced haze and watch the sea and tourists crawl lazily around the shore. 


If you're looking for large portion sizes, and hearty Indian food for the soul- Indian Hut is the jackpot. It's a good spot for a romantic date, or a lunchtime sesh with a group of friends. 

*Photos courtesy of @kavindusivaraj.


Get their Butter Chicken curry as part of your meal, and wash it all down with some Mango Lassi.


No. 55, Rampart Street, Galle


Enter Galle Fort through the main entrance and turn left to Church Street. Go straight down the (rather narrow) road, until you end up on Rampart Street. Indian Hut will be visible to your right.


Open until 10:30 PM


Indian North Indian

Price Range

Between Rs. 1000 - Rs. 1500

Dish Types

Chicken Naan Lassi

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