246, Union Place, Colombo 2

Indramalee is a little buth kade on Union Place that does good rice and curry and fruit juices. It's not much for ambience but the fare is reliable.

Indramalee is a little kade down Union Place that does a tasty rice and curry. Its faded signboard is easy to miss while passing by, and the place isn't much of a hangout, but the food is good. They also do some very sugary fruit juices.

The Food

Typically a basic rice and curry here costs Rs. 170, and they've got a variety of meats - fish, beef, mutton, cuttlefish and prawns, and they also do some shorteats and acchharu. But as with any good buth kade you have to be there early at lunch time or most of it is going to be gone.

This is the chicken rice and curry, with prawns added on. Our rice and curry came with chicken, potatoes, chop suey style veggies, parippu, papadam, fruit pickle and onion pickle. It's really well put together, spicy and flavoursome, especially the flavour from the chillied chicken and potatoes. Reminded us of a humbler version of the Buth Amma rice and curry.

They've also got a juice bar, with options like passion fruit and avocado (they also have Faluda as a drink option). We got a mixed fruit for 90 bucks, which came in a very tall generous glass, and the shake was thick and tasty but had way too much sugar in it for my liking.

Ambience & Service

This isn't the most glamorous place to have lunch at, it's a long lurid corridor of a buth kade, with plenty of furniture and stains on the walls. We dined in though and it was clean-ish.

The staff are friendly and it's basically self-service - you walk past the glass case and tell them what you want in your rice and curry, and pay at the counter at the end.


Indramalee is a decent option if you're looking for a place to take away your lunch packet from - the food is cheap and considering portions and how tasty it is, it's good value for money.


246, Union Place, Colombo 2


It's just on the left side of Hilton Residencies.


Open 7.00AM to 4.00PM


Sri Lankan

Price Range

Less than 200

Dish Types

Rice And Curry

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