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Iridescence – Hope Through Art


A non profit organisation that teaches art to less fortunate and marginalised children in Sri lanka.

Want to reach the less fortunate through art? How? Volunteer with Iridescence. Iridescence is a not for profit organization that reaches out to underprivileged children through art. The organization works by linking up with local organisations that work at providing children’s education, financial support through sales of their art or by developing projects with a focus on leadership and the arts.

Apart from teaching art, the charity also does kindness-based projects like their pay-it-forward campaign which sends free books to people in the hopes of creating a community of paying-it-forward. They encourage people to do random acts of kindness. For more information on this click on this link: 

Because of poverty, some children who are creative are unable to pursue their dreams. This is where Iridescence steps in. To provide an avenue, and opportunities for underprivileged children to showcase their work or even get a job in the creative industry.

Iridescence's focus is not only on children. Whether you are an adult or a child, if your dreams have been unrealised as an artist because of financial constraints, these are the people whose door you should knock on.

Long Term Projects Are you an artsy, crafty kinda person who also enjoy the company of little kiddies? Here's just the right kinda involvement you were looking for. Iridescence is starting long-term projects in areas where the poorest of the poorest live.

The charity will get involved long term in an orphanage in Kotte as well as the slums in Maradana where they will be provided education in art / craft / design.  It's a once a week commitment as the class will be held once a week and at the end of each year, the chairty will host an exhibition where all the proceeds from the exhibition will go towards the children's art education. Through this program, the kids will get the necessary exposure to the arts world. The program will include field visits and meet ups with artists and designers.

To Get involved: Connect with the Pay-It-Forward campaign. Go to the Facebook page and click on the ‘Book Request’ tab on the left hand side and fill the form

  • You can donate books by dropping it off f at our drop off point, at the Black Cat Café or you can post them the books.
  • If you are a creative person and would love to donate your time to teach skills drop a email to
  • If you would like to sponsor or partner with a project, email to

(Pictures courtesy: Iridescence)

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