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Isle of Gelato (Caramel Pumpkin)

No. 38, Ward Place, Colombo 7.

One of the best gelaterias in Colombo with delicious flavors and phenomenal ice cream sandwiches.

Isle of Gelato was an instant hit when they first opened up in Galle last year and they have finally made their way into the heart of Colombo, setting up shop in the recently opened Caramel Pumpkin

The Gelato

Their gelato is made using 100% raw ingredients. Fun fact; it takes up to 24-72 hours to make the milk flavored gelato if you're making from scratch. 

Believe it or not, they've got 70 flavors, and each one of them is of their own making. They don't use any artificial flavoring nor coloring (which is why their Mint Chocolate Chip gelato doesn't have that luminous green glow) and everything is made from scratch. They also have a range of sorbets which are fruit based and dairy-free. 

You can buy them in three sizes; small (Rs. 450), medium (Rs. 700) and large (Rs. 950) cups. Their prices aren't cheap, and rightly so because of the quality ingredients they import like the Sicilian pistachios. We tried a combo of Cocos for Coffee (Rs. 450) and Mangosteen sorbet (Rs. 450). You can only see the coffee one because of the terrible service at Caramel Pumpkin (more on that later). This is what the Mangosteen looks like.

credits: Isle of Gelato

Cocos for Coffee was absolutely delicious with that strong coffee flavor all we coffee lovers crave. It's like an iced Americano which had a very little sweetness to it, making the coffee aroma be all you can smell and taste.

The mangosteen was our personal favorite. It was deliciously sour with a tinge of natural sweetness, which is exactly what you get when biting into a fresh mangosteen. The creamy consistency and the texture had us going back for more. We highly recommend it.

We also tried the Cake So Cheesy (Rs. 450) and it was like eating a delicious cheesecake. I don't know how they do it without using actual cheesecake but the buttery texture, so well balanced sweet and sour flavors made it an absolute treat.

We also got the Puttalam Sea Salt (Rs. 450) which Laura also tried at the Galle outlet. It was heavenly! The flavor and texture was spot on, and we loved how the salted caramel flavor swirled through the soft, rich gelato, while leaving a smooth feel on the palate.

In case you didn't know, they also have ice cream sandwiches now. We tried the Peanut Butter Crunch (Rs. 595) which was basically a peanut butter gelato sandwiched between two butter cookies and dipped in chocolate. We don't really get a lot of ice cream sandwiches here unless you count the Häagen-Dazs ones, but jeez, wasn't this a treat?

You melt in your seat when you eat this. The butter cookies were slightly crunchy despite the moisture, which was amazing. The gelato itself had a very strong peanut butter flavor and it was beyond excellent. Unfortunately, they don't have these all the time so check before you go. 

Service and Ambiance

Their service was quite disappointing. Through no fault of the owners of Isle of Gelato because it's the CP staff that handles the gelato as well. Their service has not gotten better since the last time we visited. I have been there on many occasion (mostly to get gelato) and I have never had a smooth experience. The staff is incompetent, and unattentive.

When we asked for a half and half, the waitress gave us just the coffee and then when we told her again, she took another cup and scooped the two flavors one on top of the other. So we asked the other two flavors separately and you can see how they've handled that too. We tried our best to take good pictures, but it's hard when the subject looks like a yogurt cup.

The ambience is still the same. It gets really crowded, really fast. But the great thing about ice cream/gelato is, you can eat them standing or enjoy it while you walk (that's how Vishvi does it). 


I can safely say this is the best gelateria in the country. Their quality and standards have been consistently good, be it in Galle or Colombo. Definitely try it out if you haven't because you will notice the distinction immediately. They'll be opening a new outlet in Colombo City Center which plans to open at the end of next month.


Try the Mangosteen flavor and any of the ice cream sandwiches.


No. 38, Ward Place, Colombo 7.


It's inside Caramel Pumpkin which is located at the end of Wijerama Mawatha, towards Ward Place.


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Crappy service, and the Ice Cream we had was not worth the price.





Crappy service, and the Ice Cream we had was not worth the price.

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