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Jaal Spa

15 A, Maitland Crescent, Colombo 07

One of Colombo 07's top salons/spas.

Jaal Spa is one of Colombo 7's most established salons. With no branches (that we know of), and possibly one of the best locations in the heart of the city, it's got a loyal customer base of posh young aunties. You've probably seen the salon if you've visited the Maitland Crescent Coffee Bean. 


The ambience was probably my favourite thing about Jaal. Despite its location in one of Colombo's most expensive real estate areas, the area was spacious, and beautifully highlighted by heaps of open space and natural light. There's also some open courtyard in the middle that serves no purpose except looking artsy and lovely. I personally think it would be a great spot to convert into a little cafe or waiting area. 

The minimalist white theme is offset by a few sprigs of copper branches on the ceiling and wooden panelling. The hair styling area has about 10 chairs, most of which were already occupied on the Friday morning I visited. It's popular, but not uncomfortably crowded. 

Only gripe - the A/C was leaking, and when I returned from my hair wash, my leather bag had been completely soaked by the leak. I feel as though they could have noticed this before. 


The service was very commendable. The entire experience from making an appointment to paying the bill was smooth and very friendly. The staff also employs that sort of old-school Sri Lankan service and warmth, offering you refreshments, accompanying and welcoming you etc.

My hair stylist (Susantha, I think) was very attentive despite clearly being busy with another colouring appointment. He was also quick, efficient, and pleasantly chatty, and made sure everything was to my specifications. Once we were done, he gave me his card and told me to drop by en route to my evening function if i wanted my hair touched up, which I found great. 

The other staff, on seeing me unhappy about my bag getting soaked, sprung into action and carefully emptied it out, dried everything individually and repacked my bag for me. I really appreciated the prompt and proactive response, so was appeased. 




We've posted this photo of their price list because neither their Facebook page nor their website appears to have any updated information. I think their prices are pretty much exactly on par with all the other high-end salons in Colombo (Ramani's, Kess, Crown etc). You're looking at about Rs. 2000 for getting your hair washed, set, and ironed/blow-dried, and about Rs. 3500 upward for a hair cut and blow dry. 

They also have a bunch of body-centric services which appear to be a little pricier than average, like waxing, scrubs, massages, facials etc. You can expect to shell out about Rs. 2100 for a full leg wax, Rs. 22,000 for a 6 hour spa package, and Rs. 8000 for a Balinese massage. They do use international products like Sothys and DermaRx so I suppose the price is justified. Also, the traditional one hour pedicure seems reasonable at Rs. 2000. 


We haven't tried out their body treatments yet, but they seem a tad pricey. For hair services however, we'd strongly recommend them. Apart from the location and ambience, the service was really warm. You'll definitely have to call ahead though, as they're pretty popular. Don't let the abandoned wasteland of their social media fool you into thinking they're not in operation. 


Make an appointment in advance.


15 A, Maitland Crescent, Colombo 07


It's opposite the Maitland Crescent Coffee Bean.



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Open 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM

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More than Rs.1500

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