Simply Strawberries By Jagro (Kotte)

No. 61, Ethul Kotte, Kotte.

Jagro's branch in Kotte more cozy and perfect for hangouts.

Jagro opened a new branch in Ethul Kotte. The menu and prices remain the same but this branch has more of a chill atmosphere. 

Dessert and Drinks 

Centered around strawberries, Jagro does not offer a savory range. We're not complaining, though, because their desserts are delicious. We tried their Chocolate Milkshake (Rs. 400), English Tea Scones (Rs. 300), and Raspberry Cheesecake (Rs. 650). 

The raspberry cheesecake was a real treat. The tang of the raspberry compote balanced out perfectly with the sweet, creamy cheesecake. We highly recommend it. 

The scones came with a cup of whipped heavy cream and Jagro's strawberry jam. They were quite dense. We were expecting light and fluffy scones, so we were quite disappointed with what we got. Light and fluffy scones would have been perfect with the cream and jam. 

The chocolate milkshake was not very special. It was your average chocolate milkshake. Nothing about it stood out, but it wasn't bad. If you're a chocolate milkshake fanatic, then you'd really appreciate this. 

Ambiance and Service 

We loved the interior at the new branch. It was cozy, with dim lighting and lots of space. It's a nice place to hang out with your friends, family or significant others. 

The waiters are friendly and, unlike the Jagro near Park Road, the wait-staff brings the food to your tables. 


While we didn't have the best experience in terms of food, we'd still suggest you give it a try. The other strawberry options have proven to be delicious in our past experiences. Especially the waffles and chocolate cake sandwiches. The Jagro we knew was always there to satisfy sweet strawberry cravings. 


Try the waffles.


No. 61, Ethul Kotte, Kotte.


It's quite difficult to miss, as soon as you turn to Ethul Kotte there's a small by road to your left.


Closed right now