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Jagro (Nuwara Eliya)

Blackpool-Ambewela-Pattipola-Horton Plain Rd, Nuwara Eliya

Jagro's branch in Nuwara Eliya has the freshest strawberries.

It is a known fact that when it comes to strawberries in Sri Lanka, no one does it better than Jagro does. In fact, we had to go to a few farms in Nuwara Eliya area to realise this. However, they're expensive in comparison to others, but rightly so, because their strawberries are of high quality.
Squished on top of a cheesecake, embedded in a cake or stuffed inside a brownie, fresh strawberries are always a delight. Having realised this, Jagro managed to combine our everyday desserts with strawberries to make them better, and by doing so they had been able to make quite a name for themselves over the past few years. 
They have a couple of branches in Colombo, but this time around, we checked out their Nuwara Eliya one, which is located right next to the farm that they cultivate this beloved fruit. 


The menu and the prices of the desserts here are exactly the same as their Colomb branches. We tried a couple of all-time-favourites - Strawberry with Chocolate Sauce (Rs. 550) and Meringue Sundae (Rs. 600). 

Chocolate and strawberries; it's a match made in heaven, and this one was obviously a treat. The chocolate was creamy thick and luscious, which made a brilliant combo with the juicy strawberries that were bursting with sweet and sour flavours. 

There were around 15 chunks of strawberries, and of course, they were hella fresh too, so there is a lot of fruity notes to go around. 

If you're looking at a dessert that would do a really good job in filling you up, this Meringue Sundae is the one to beat. Featuring generous amounts of strawberry, two scoops of chocolate ice cream, and a meringue underneath all that, this one is drizzled with chocolate ice cream and honey nut crunch.

The meringue was light, airy and sweet, which added a playful crunch to the whole thing while enhancing its flavour. This is a bowl that perfectly unifies the sweet, chocolaty and fruity elements. 

Ambience & Service

They've got this outdoor set up right next to the counter where you have to place the orders. It's well-shaded, and given its Nuwara Eliya, it opens you to a good dose of fresh breeze too. The staff here was friendly and helpful too.  


It's a must-visit place when you're in Nuwara Eliya, especially if you have a giant sweet tooth, or simply love strawberries. You can purchase boxes of freshest batches of strawberries and bottled jam from here too. 

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Blackpool-Ambewela-Pattipola-Horton Plain Rd, Nuwara Eliya



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