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Jah's Hummus

A home-based venture specialised in Hummus.

The home-based food venture scene in Colombo has been on a skyrocket for the past couple of years, and it's not all about cakes and savoury goodies now. We've come across a lot of homemade products lately, which has brought the normal view and the potential of a domestic food business to a whole another level. Jah's Hummus is one such example. As the name implies, they do hummus, and some darn good ones at that. 

How To Order

Jah's Hummus isn't limited to the classic kind of this beloved Middle Eastern delicacy. They've added a bunch of modern twists to it, which they showcase through their flavours like Sun-dried Tomato, Beetroot, and Roast Garlic etc. 

In order to grab one of these, you can simply DM them on their Instagram page, with 24-hour notice in advance. At the moment, they don't do deliveries on their own, but you can pick it up from their base down Bauddhaloka Mawatha. Or else, you can make the necessary payment to their bank account number, and they'll send it to your doorstep through a tuk - you just have to settle the fee for the driver. 

The Hummus

We ordered three flavours - the Classic (Rs. 500), Beetroot (Rs. 600), and Smokey Red Pepper (Rs. 600). Neatly stuffed in glass jars, and properly concealed, each one of them carries 300gms of hummus. 

Featuring a splash of olive oil, the Classic Hummus was a delicious blend of chickpea and tahini, and had a sprinkle of cumin scattered about. Silky smooth in texture, but not too mushy, it had a lightly grainy chickpea-presence as well. The simplicity of its ingredients and flavours are what any good hummus is about, and this one ticks all the right boxes. 

If you prefer a bit of heat in your hummus, we suggest going with this - the Smokey Red Pepper. Beautifully orange, in here they have harmonised the spicy notes of red pepper to the classic hummus so well. Carrying a sour undertone, this one would pair really nicely with some manioc chips. 

One look at this was enough to make us fall in love with it. I mean, look how gorgeous it is! And even in terms of flavours, they had nailed combining the sweetness of beetroot to creamy hummus. We quite enjoyed tasting a peanutty aftertaste in this, even though we're not sure where it comes from. 


A plate of hummus is a brilliant way to start off a meal. It's delicious, healthy, and does a good job in awakening your tastebuds before the mains. Or, just try it as a main - no one will judge you. 

With different spins on them, Jah's Hummus's take on this beloved dish is truly fantastic. Instead of just dipping some pita bread in it, try matching these flavours with crackers, and chips - you can thank us later. 

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