JAM Rolled Ice Cream

56A, Horton Pl

So there's a new contender for ice cream in town. Not only is it a visually exciting experience it's also done really well

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Simply it's just Ice cream at the end of the day. The point is I was expecting something quite different, sort of a unique selling point. Um nope. Voila expectations!

The Ice cream was good. We had redvelvet and a berry chunk for ourselves. But it didn't seem to have balance, the crunchy element. It was cream and more cream. It only got creamier. So that's for the Ice cream. Honestly, we had no clue what the flavours we were interested in, and the menu looked quite clueless to me. They didn't really give the clear idea. And not much of pictures (although later I followed their insta).

The place was quite dull, non cheery. As we are of a era where technology is a part of our lives, taking pictures didn't really seem to matter in this place. And the location wasn't convenient. We came all the way from bambalapitiya for Ice cream dessert and it was way too far.

Which leads us to the last part; the timings. After lunch we came their around 1 pm, later to know that it it opens at 2. ? seriously?? There's a time period too?? Ugh! We were mortified. And was stupid enough to wait for an hour to try out this so called " jam rolled icecream". At exactly 1.45 pm, we saw a worker cleaning inside as we ran to cross the road( form the fab which was opposite to it), the worker literally refused to take us in… We were beyond angry and humiliated about such action. It was just 15 mins and it was burning outside. The place looked clean enough and had plenty chairs. I wanted to go right away from this place, but I surrendered for my cravings.

Was it worth waiting for an hour to try it? Um, not really. Service didnt satisfy at all, icecream? yeah it was just alright.

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56A, Horton Pl


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Open until 11:45 PM



Price Range

Between Rs. 500 - Rs. 1000

Dish Types

Ice Cream