Jeewa's Polos & Kuma's Natural Foods

Nuga Tree Car Park, Colombo Racecourse, Colombo 07

Jeewa's is a great place at the Good Market to have some proper Sri Lankan wraps, roast paan or roti, for cheap.

Amidst the maze of food stalls in Good Market, lies Jeewa's Polos & Kuma's Natural Foods. They've been here almost every Saturday for the past few years. And basically, everyone (including us) who's craving for a delish ambul thiyal, polos curry or a good plate of super Sri Lankan buth packet have been finding their way to this one stall. 


From wraps and burgers to rice and curry, everything they serve here boasts the pure goodness of Lankan curry taste. We were dying to try their ambul thiyal, and crab curries but unfortunately they had run out even before the clock struck 12.45pm. According to the owners, you have to be there at least by 11.00am if you want to try them out, without having to fight for it. 

We settled for a Prawn Rice & Curry (Rs. 600), a Chicken, Mushroom & Cheese Wrap (Rs. 500) and a Polos Cutlet (Rs. 50). 

This is the messiest, yet the best plate of buth I've encountered in a while. They have around 15 curries every week, featuring some of your favourite proteins (chicken, prawns, cuttlefish, ambul thiyal, crab) and veggies - while polos being a constant. You can pick 5 curries along with a protein of your choice, and if you ask for it, they're kind enough to offer you some complimentary umbalakada sambol or fried haalmasso

Underneath that pile of curries lies a mound of fluffy kaha buth with the minimal seasoning, so the flavours of the curries can blend in well together without overwhelming you. Each and every element here tasted so homemade, with a good dose of curry flavour. 

Presenting a tinge of sourness drawn from some good old goraka, the polos curry was well-executed, while the kos ata maaluwa (jackfruit seed curry) being a milky delight. There were around 5/6 beautifully red, chewy, fat prawns that burst into seafood-y goodness with every bite.

Featuring lots and lots of fried umbalakada (Maldive fish), karapincha (curry leaves) and chilli flakes, the sambol wasn't only delicious, but also added a bit of heat to the meal. Oily as it supposed to be, with a swirl of sweetness, the helping of wambatu moju (brinjal moju) was satisfactory, while the nelum ala (lotus root) and kaju with green peas curries did a good job balancing out the flavour notes even more. 

Jeewa's isn't stingy with their portions, so this one is easily shareable with someone if you're not too hungry. 
The Chicken, Cheese & Mushroom Wrap had a lot to offer. Stuffed to the gills with chunks of roast chicken glazed with a tangy sauce, lettuce, bits of mushroom and mozzarella, it was delicious, filling and well worth the price you pay for it. 

Polos cutlets are hard to find in Colombo, and here it's one of their biggest sellers. The shell of these cutlets are slightly hard, gives off a delicious crisp and the insides are packed with bits of polos. Lots and lots of them. You could be a carnivore, but trust me, you're not going to miss the meats in this cutlet. 


The people behind Jeewa's Polos & Kuma's Natural Foods is one of the nicest bunch of people you'll ever meet. They are one family, and despite the massive crowd coming in and the blistering Colombo heat, they're managing well with the orders.

The takeaway is the popular option here, but there are a couple of tables and chairs on the side of the stall, shaded with a massive umbrella - if you feel like sitting down for a meal. 


It's been over four years since our last visit to this place, and it's quite pleasing to see how they've maintained their consistency, even after all these years. They also make appearances at Diyatha Uyana every Thursday - which comes in handy if you live around the area. Sure, the buth packets might seem a bit expensive, but considering the flavour and the portions, we'd say it's worth it. 


If it's your first time at Jeewas, start with the roast paan sandwiches.


Nuga Tree Car Park, Colombo Racecourse, Colombo 07


The Good Market is in the car park almost right behind the Racecourse mall. You can't miss the green tents, just look around for this stall.


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