Jeorgie's Healthy Style Food

11, School Lane, Nawala

Jeorgie's is a new burger place in Nawala - the burgers are huge (and not so healthy), and the fruit smoothies are amaze.

Jeorgie's is a new burger place in Nawala - their burgers are super stuffed and tall, and they make some awesome creamy fruit smoothies. However, there isn't anything 'healthy' about eating these oozing burgers, except maybe that the bread is whole wheat and the meat is unprocessed. 

The place is on the same premises as Fun Factory - a big children's play pen. So this also happens to be a good place for a kids' party. 

The Food

Dat burger. You may have noticed our objectification of the burgers here is not unlike what we did in our Rocket Burger review. These burgers aren't half as good as the RB ones though. Still, they are packed to the brim.

We got a chicken and a beef burger, Rs. 400 each, and there was egg, onions, tomatoes, cheese, lettuce, greasy chilli sauce, and a gigantic slice of meat. They were alright, but honestly we could barely tell the difference between the chicken and the beef slices - they were just big greasy indistinct chunks of meat. It can be overwhelming, and if you're not famished, we suggest you get the mini-burgers instead. You get potato wedges with it. 

We also asked for cheese sandwiches (Rs. 200), expecting a healthy twist to it or something. But we got some rather sad looking grilled bread with a thin layer of cheese between. Plenty of wedges again at least, with a side of chilli sauce. 

The smoothies were perfect - we got avocado and mango. For Rs. 300 this was worth it. 

Service & Ambience

Jeorgie's is just a simple outdoor space, next to the Fun Factory kids' play area. It's nice, though call beforehand if you're planning to sit-in, since the place might be booked for a children's party (hence all the decor in the picture above). 

Service was quite good, with everything arriving in a few minutes and the manager asking us about the food. 


Jeorgie's Healthy Style Foods is basically a burger and smoothie joint that does loaded okay-tasting burgers and great smoothies. The burgers are far from healthy options in the city (Calorie Counter, Health Factor), but if you're really hungry and want to go binge-snacking, this is not a bad option. 


Go for the avocado smoothie.


11, School Lane, Nawala


School Lane on Nawala Road is just past Keells Super and the Nawala Cemetery. Go in and you'll see a big board that says 'Fun Factory' on your left - walk in here to get to Jeorgie's.


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Open 12.00PM to 8.00PM (weekdays), 10.00AM to 8.00PM (weekends)

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