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Kaha Bath Gedara (Pitakotte)

57, Thalawathugoda Road, Pitakotte

Kaha Bath Gedara is all about Kaha Bath.

Kaha Bath is not just yellow coloured regular rice. If properly made, even a simple seeni sambol can make you stuff yourself with bulks of kaha bath.
Having understood this, Kaha Bath Gedara made it their ultimate goal to feed everyone in Colombo with nothing but Kaha Bath. This mission started about 3 years back, and they were just a home-based venture then, with just three items - Chicken Kaha Bath, Prawn Kaha Bath and Ambul Thiyal Kaha Bath. Now they're bigger - with more items, more pickup outlets and conveniently available for delivery through PickMe Food as well.
After 3 years since our initial review, we decided to check them out again. This time around, we chose their Pitakotte branch. 


As stated previously, their menu is lengthier now. They have the Signature kaha bath packs with different meats, the premium ones, a couple of other signature rice based-dishes - lamprais and biriyani, as well as single portions of curries and condiments. The prices are a tad higher now - Rs. 595 and above.

First up, we dived our hands into the Kaha Bath with Grandma's Black Pork Curry (Rs. 690), which comes under their Signature Kaha Bath range. The sunny yellow coloured kaha bath was quite aromatic and flavoursome, all thanks to the infusion of various spices. 

We absolutely enjoyed the pork curry. They use quality cuts of pork, so you get a lot of meat, a few oily bits, but absolutely no boney pieces. Seasoned with a good amount of spices, it had a bold curry flavour that ends with a lovely tangy kick. 

The other elements on the plate included a sweet and sour brinjal moju, a creamy and milky dhal curry, a hard-boiled egg, and a fish cutlet. Each of them makes the overall flavour a well-balanced one.
Their rendition of Lamprais wasn't our favourite. Featuring a hefty piece of chicken, helpings of brinjal moju, a chilli-paste like sambol, a cutlet and a boiled, fried egg, everything here drew its overall taste to the oily side.
Kaha Bath Gedara does some of the BEST Ambul Thiyal in town, period! And they always manage to deliver the same excellent quality. With the perfect balance between peppery and sour, it's the ultimate rice puller. 

We actually ordered it as a side portion (Rs. 545) but they sent us the Ambul Thiyal Rice Pack. It's a lot of food for two people, but we're not complaining. 


We're glad that Kaha Bath Gedara is expanding, while keeping the quality of their food intact. They're a little pricey now, but it wouldn't hurt to check out every once in a while, especially when it's a treat to you, from you.


57, Thalawathugoda Road, Pitakotte


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Sri Lankan

Price Range

Between Rs. 500 - Rs. 1000

Dish Types

Lamprais Rice And Curry

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