17, Charlemont Road, Wellawatte

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Kandoori is an Indian restaurant that serves just biriyani and other Indian food.

Kandoori is an Indian restaurant that serves good biriyani among other things, and the prices are pretty low. Our readers have been telling us about this place for a while so we decided to give it a shot.

The Food

The menu was typically Indian with a decent range of rice dishes, naans, and Indian curries, and they had a small Chinese range too (chop suey and seafood). The rottis are only available in the evenings though. The two of us spent only 1000 bucks each after whacking some biriyani with three different sides.


Firstly, Kandoori's biriyani is definitely among the best in Colombo. It was spicy with pastey bits of masala chutney in it, and for Rs. 440 we got a big portion that's okay for two if you're not in the mood to pig out. The chicken was well cooked and incredibly soft.


The side dishes here are a good deal - they're all for around Rs. 350-450 and enough for two. We got a plate of hot butter cuttlefish (Rs. 420) - which makes a good dry side or appetizer, crunchy and super spicy.


The prawn masala (Rs. 450) came recommended by a friend, and it's a good pick to curry up your rice or as dip for your naan. There were only four prawns in the dish, made soft and juicy, but it was obvious that the highlight of it was the masala gravy itself which was very thick and a treat for spice lovers.


But man, it was the pepper beef (Rs. 350) that stole the show. We know this is an Indian restaurant - and it's good for its biriyani and masala curries, but some of the stuff on their Chinese menu are awesome too. Dishes like chop suey and pepper beef may be Chinese but these guys prepare it in an Indian way, with an obvious inclination towards Indian seasoning and a spicy mix of veggies that the Sri Lankan palate knows and loves.

Service & Ambience


The restaurant is generally a family dining kind of place. They've got rows of formal dining arrangements and some cushioned seats with high backs that double as partitions. So you can actually get a lot of privacy in some parts of the restaurant. Service was fast and our waiter was polite.


Kandoori is a great place to have lunch or dinner without spending a lot. It's one of the good ones in the city for Indian food, particularly biriyani, and people with a love for spicy food will drool over the choices here.


Try the Avacado juice to wash down your meal, it's very thick and just plain delicious.


17, Charlemont Road, Wellawatte


Charlemont Road is the lane right before the Savoy theatre - the restaurant is a 10 minute walk in.


Open 11.30AM to 11.00PM



Price Range

Between Rs. 1000 - Rs. 1500

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