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Kang's Kitchen

28/1 Horton Pl, Colombo 00700

Kang's Kitchen down Horton Place does authentic Korean food.

Kang's Kitchen has been there for a while. Of course, it was called Seoul before this. But, being one of the few authentic Korean restaurants in all of Colombo, it's almost unthinkable that we wouldn't visit after they've gone through a change such as this. 

Thus, we bring you our very detailed description of our experience at Kang's Kitchen. Enjoy!


In terms of ambience, there is nothing to complain about. Perfectly cluttered with various paraphernalia including vases filled with coffee beans (which smell great btw), potted plants and maps of Korea, we liked it. The chairs were very comfortable and the whole place had this very homely vibe to it. Plus, they had instrumentals of Frank Sinatra songs playing the entire time we were there. Huzzah to that.

The Food

Okay, if you're a newbie to the Korean food spectacle, don't worry. The owner is incredibly nice and is willing to assist you with anything - from helping you to choose your food, serving it and even telling you how you're supposed to eat it.  

After many introductions to the various kinds of food, we ended up getting a Bibimbap (Rs. 1400), Kimchijigae (Rs. 1200) and a BBQ Pork Shoulder (Rs. 1500). 

This is the Chicken Bibimbap. Its portion size was perfectly enough to serve one hungry human and the veggies served on top of the bed of sticky rice was crunchy and fresh. The sauce gives a mild sweetness to the whole promenade and went beautifully with everything on the bowl. 

However, the chicken was a little bland for our liking. But, surprisingly, it worked out quite fine with the other elements. The trick here is to mix everything up well.

Packed with spices and flavour, the broth was sublime. The only downer was the egg, which was a tad cold when it arrived. 

Moving on to the Kimchijigae. This was the best part of our experience at Kang's Kitchen. Why? Allow us to elaborate.

This bowl of tomato-y goodness came bubbling. The smell alone is enough to make you fall in love. With loads of little slices of pork hidden underneath the canopy of kimchi-ed up iceberg lettuce, it was superb! It also had around 4 to 5 giant pieces of tofu lounging around it.

Served warm, it was a big bowl of happiness, and the best kind of comfort food to have when you're sick. You also get a bowl of sticky rice with this, but we were told to eat it separately. We really don't understand why tbh.

Finally, we have the BBQ Pork Shoulder (250g). Served in a pot and sizzling in its own juices, this one was pretty great. Unlike most cases, this pork isn't marinated in anything (according to the staff) and is served more or less like bacon. Just in thicker, less fatty chunks of meat.

Also, we were promised peanuts in this. We couldn't find them but, here's a heads-up, just in case. 


As for drinks, they don't have many options. While they do have the usual soft drinks, they also serve coffee that they grind at the restaurant itself. We went with a Cold Brew (Rs. 460) and was mildly disappointed by how watered down it tasted. 


We received some great service here. The staff greets you when you step inside and waves goodbye and says thank you when you leave. 

Plus, they managed to serve our food within 10 minutes of ordering which is pretty great considering the fact that they had a full house. 


Well, we really liked Kang's Kitchen. They serve up some great food with super authentic Korean touch, alongside amazing service. We'd recommend it. 


28/1 Horton Pl, Colombo 00700


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Open until 02:30 PM



Price Range

Between Rs. 1000 - Rs. 1500

Dish Types

Rice Noodles Eggs Meats Vegetarian Pork Fish Cuttlefish Sodas